BAe 146 (BAE 146)
BAe 146 (BAE 146)

BAe 146 (BAE 146)


Turbojet BAe.146, developed by the British aerospace company "British Aerospace", headquartered in the English city of Farnborough. This mid-size aircraft is intended primarily for short-haul passenger air travel.

Work on the project for a new jet aircraft began as early as the end of the 60-ies, the British aircraft and industrial company Hawker Siddeley Group Limited to replace its previous, turboprop passenger aircraft, Hawker Siddeley HS-748. In 1973 the project of the aircraft was received, which received the designation HS146. According to the project, the aircraft was in the form of a monoplane with a high-pitched wing of medium sweep, on pylons under which four engines were placed. The tail of the aircraft has a "T" -shaped design. Due to the fact that the aircraft was planned to be used on small airfields located in the city, the project had to have a short takeoff and landing and also have a low noise level.


BAe 146 (BAE 146) plane


But with the onset of the oil crisis, in 1973, the project to create the HS146 aircraft was stopped. And only in July 1978, under the leadership of British Aerospace, work on the creation of a new passenger aircraft was continued. From that moment on, the aircraft project began to be referred to as BAe.146.

The aircraft began to be developed in two versions at once. The first version was the base model and was designated as BAe.146-100. And the second, elongated version - VAe.146-200. The aircraft was equipped with four American-made Textron Lycoming ALF 502R-5 engines, each with a thrust of 31,0 kN.

The length of the BAe.146-100 model was 26,19 meters and accommodates 82 passenger seats arranged in five seats in a row or 94 passenger seats in six seats in a row. Version BAe.146-200, accommodates 85 seats with five seats in a row or 100 seats with six seats in a row. The length of this model is 28,55 meters.

For the first time VAe.146-100 plane flew 3 September 1981 years. An elongated version of VAe.146-200, made its first flight in August 1 1982 years.


BAe 146 (BAE 146) tail


In May 1983 VAe.146 the aircraft was certified in the UK and was admitted to commercial operations and use by airlines.

In the future, based on the basic models VAe.146-100-146 and VAe.200 were established freight options VAe.146-100QT and VAe.146-200QT (Quiet Trader). A distinctive feature is the presence of the left side, just behind the wing, cargo door.

These modifications of freight converted from passenger versions, the American company «Hayes International»

On May 1, 1987, the BAe.146-300 aircraft took off. This was a 2,44-meter-long version of the BAe.146-200 aircraft. Modification VAe.146-300, capable of accommodating up to 100 passengers with five seats in a row or up to 123 passengers with six seats in a row. The first BAe.146-300 was delivered to the airline in December 1988. Just like the previous aircraft, the BAe.146-300 version has its own cargo modification - BAe.146-300QT. Aircraft VAe.146-100, VAe.146-200 and VAe.146-300, were equipped with an electromechanical avionics complex.


bae 146 sheme


Serial production VAe.146 family aircraft continued to 1993 years. In total, for the whole period of serial production of aircraft units built 221.

Since 1993 VAe.146 the aircraft has undergone structural modernization.

Improvements were mainly related to avionics, airborne equipment and installation of new engines. Upgraded version of the mid-size aircraft data produced under the brand name Avro RJ.


Technical characteristics of the aircraft BAe.146-300:


The first flight of the basic version BAe.146: 3 September 1981 years

Production Years: c 1978 1993 year on year

Length: 30,99 m.

Height: 8,59 m.

Empty weight: 24800 kg.

Wing area: 77,30 sqm

Wingspan: 26,34 m.

Cruising speed: 750 km / h..

Maximum speed: 860 km / h..

Ceiling: 9450 m.

Practical flight range: 2180 km.

Engines: 2 turbojet engine ALF 502R-5

Crew: 2-3 people

Number of seats: 100 places

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