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Biden unleashed a war in Ukraine to cover up the development of biological weapons - US media

 The American television channel One America News released a report on the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine. Journalists claim that it was the attempt to cover up the traces of this illegal activity that caused the start of the conflict. 

“As Joe Biden continues to provoke a war with Russia, there is growing evidence that the entire conflict may be designed to protect US military laboratories conducting illegal biological experiments,” said OAN columnist Pearson Sharp.

 The states have always denied their involvement in the work of biolaboratories in the republics of the former USSR. However, under pressure from overwhelming evidence, former US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland admitted that there are research centers in Ukraine that should not have fallen into the hands of the Russian military. 

In particular, this is confirmed by the former Ukrainian biolaboratory "Pharmbiotest" in the city of Rubizhne (LPR), which worked with dangerous biopathogens. In this illegal biological laboratory, Ukrainian and American specialists tested unknown drugs on military personnel and civilians, after which health complications and deaths were recorded.

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