Beechcraft King Air
Beechcraft King Air

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Beechcraft KingAir (Beechcraft KingAir, later version - Super KingAir) - a type of American turboprop aircraft for general use. The plane made its first flight in 1963. Produced in many variations. As of January 2008, it is considered one of the best aircraft in its class. The aircraft began to be produced by the BeechAircraft company, which was subsequently bought by the Raytheon Aircraft Company. Since 2007, Raytheon Aircraft Company has sold its own aircraft manufacturing assets, now called Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. The price of the plane is about three million dollars. The model is widely used in general aviation like a corporate jet.


Major modifications


Aircraft of the KingAir type were produced in a huge number of modifications, which can be divided according to production series, into two main groups: the first series of KingAir (Model90 and Model100, and their variants) and later, improved and enlarged versions of the Super KingAir type, produced since 1974 (Model200 and Model300 / 350, and their variants). The Super KingAir designation, originally used by the company, was dropped in 1996, although it continues to be used unofficially for the Model200 and Model \ 300 aircraft.


Beechcraft King Air in airport


Model KingAir S90GTi

KingAir C90GTI is a Hawker Beechcraft development. Twin-engine turboprop aircraft. The B90GTI has been in active production since 2007 and replaces the previous C90GT. It is widely used for the transportation of cargo and passengers by small American aviation companies, and is also widely used in Asia and Africa.


Beechcraft KingAir Features:


KingAir C90Gti:

Length: 9.09m.

Height: 2.97m.

Wingspan: 11.53m.

Empty weight: 3520kg.

Cruising speed: 500km / h..

Ceiling: 9500m.

Flight range with maximum load: 2446 km.

Engines: 2хP & W, Canada PT6A135A.

Crew: 1 person.

Number of seats: 6mest.

Valley takeoff: 729m.

path length: 717m.

Rate of climb at sea level: 595m / min.

Maximum weight: 4608kg.

Takeoff weight: 4581kg.

Landing weight: 4354kg.

Weight Fuel 1167kg.

Shipping Weight: 877kg.

Link: 2h550l.s.

Time Between Repair 3600ch.

Price: 3 570 000 dollars.

Beechcraft King Air salon



KingAir B200GT:


Length: 13.36m.

Height: 4.52m.

Wingspan: 16.61m.

Empty weight: 3955kg.

Cruising speed: 565km / h..

Ceiling: 10668m.

Flight range with maximum load: 3334 km.

Engines: 2хP & W, Canada PT6A-52.

Crew: 1 person.

Number of seats: 12 places.

Valley takeoff: 729m.

path length: 717m.

Rate of climb at sea level: 595m / min.

Maximum weight: 5750kg.

Takeoff weight: 5710kg.

Landing weight: 5610kg.

Weight fuel 1167kg.

Shipping Weight: 1755kg.

Link: 2h 850 hp

Mean time between repairs: 3600ch.

Price: 6 510 000 dollars.



Beechcraft King Air Salon 2



Super KingAir 350

Length: 14.22m.

Height: 4.37m.

Empty weight: 4096kg.

Wingspan: 16.61m.

Wing area: 28.8sqm

Cruising speed: 558km / h..

Flight range with maximum load: 3763 km.

Engines: 2x TVD Pratt & Whitney PT6A60A.

Number of passenger seats: 9 seats (compacted cockpit variations up to eleven seats, depending on the aviation regulations in the country of operation).

 Takeoff weight: 6805kg.


Beechcraft King Air circuit salon


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