Belavia-Belarusian Airlines
Belavia-Belarusian Airlines

Airline Belavia Belarusian Airlines. Official site.

"Belavia" - the airline of Belarus, founded in 1996 year. Headquartered in Minsk. The main charter and scheduled flights are carried out with the "National Airport Minsk". Overseas offices are 17 airlines. "Belavia" is part of the international organization - IATA. There is a constant tendency of growth of the amount of cargo transportation, mail and passengers. Year 2010 - 968 000 passengers, year 2013 - 1,613 million passengers.

History of the airline

Belarusian civil aviation (GA) was born in early November 1933 year, namely at the opening of the Minsk airport. A year later in Minsk arrived three units-2, which belonged to the Smolensk aviapodrazdeleniyu. In 1936 year began the first regular passenger and postal flights to Moscow and back. In summer 1940 founded the Belarusian Assembly management. At the time, we carried out 8 flights.

Between 1961 1983 year for fleet management of the Belarusian Assembly constantly replenished. In 61-year management handed turboprop An-10, 64-and in the year in Belarus registered the first Tu-124. Nine years later, it began operation of Tu-134A. In 83-year Minsk Process Air Base received the first Tu-154.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, formed the independent Republic of Belarus, and in 1991 year - the union GA "Belavia", inherited the entire air fleet of machines, previously owned by the Belarusian administration.

Thus, in March 5 96-year formed a national airline "Belavia". Between 95-97-till the year were designed flights to London, Istanbul, Larnaca, Rome and Beijing. In mid-August 97-year airline joined the International Air Transport Association.

In 98-year opened a new route to Prague. Also, "Belavia" has teamed up with "Minskavia", its air fleet replenished with Yak-40, An and An-24-26. "Mogilevavia" joined in 2000 year to "Belavia". A year later, in March between Minsk and Paris was opened on scheduled international routes. In 2002 was started active cooperation with Austrian Airlines under the agreement "code-sharing". Began in international transport and cooperation with "Aeroflot" airlines, «LOT» and «AerLingus".

In 2003 year begin regular flights to Kaliningrad, and "Belavia" Boeing fleet replenished 737-500 under the leasing agreement. In 2004, the Belarusian airline received the bronze medal of the competition "Brand of the Year". Also this year in operation has been received second Boeing 737-500.

In 2005, the Minsk-Prague airline was opened, which was facilitated by the "code-sharing" agreement between HSA-Czech Airlines and Belavia. At the beginning of 2007, the airline acquired the first regional plane CRJ-100 LR. In the same year, flights to Baku began (an agreement with the Azerbaijani airline Azal) and the introduction of an electronic ticket system. Full-scale work with partners on interline agreements and travel agencies has begun. A program was introduced to encourage passengers who frequent flights. In 2007, e-ticket sales in the Amadeus system became possible. In 2008, interline agreements were signed with LOT, Air One, KDAvia, Aerisvit, Austrian Airlines, Air Baltic, Lufthansa, EIAI, British Airways, S7. Also this year, flights were established with Milan. In Italy, the second office of Belavia was opened.

The State Aviation Development Program has allowed the leasing of 2 units of the Boeing 737-500 and 1 units to the Boeing 737-300. In turn, IATA introduced "Belavia" in the register of airlines that meet the standards of user security. This IOSA certificate allowed the use of advanced safety management standards and expanded international cooperation. In the first half of the year 2009, 4 aircraft of western manufacture got to Belavia, of which two CRJs are 200 and two Boeing 737-300. Simultaneously, the An-24 plane was withdrawn from the fleet of the airline. In August, another route was opened to Amsterdam.

In May 2010, AirFrance and Belavia implemented an interline agreement. In July, the airline was included in the ERAA (European Association of Regional Airlines). An electronic agreement was also concluded with the airlines Delta and Tatarstan. 15 September a new route to the Georgian city of Batumi was opened. A month later, electronic purchase of air tickets to Istanbul became possible. Also this year, the airline transferred another aircraft - CRJ-200LR. In the middle of December 2010, a regular flight to Ashgabat (once a week) was opened. 28 April 13-year "Belavia" launched a flight to Samara "Kurumoch". At that time, it was 7 direction towards the Russian Federation. In September, they developed and opened a regular route from Minsk to Budapest, Belgrade and back. It is this route in the Belarusian Civil Aviation Authority that is the only link between the two destinations of other states.

In 2014 year we created a plan to implement in the Boeing 737-800 (who plan to purchase 2016 year) Wi-Fi and mobile networks. To carry out his plan to 2017 years.

Directions airline "Belavia" Nice, Prague, Rome, Samara, Moscow, Krasnodar, Astana, Baku, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Kiev, Pavlodar, Paris, Riga, Ashgabat, Batumi, Yerevan, Karaganda, Warsaw, Ekaterinburg, Hannover, Vienna, Budapest, Beirut, Belgrade, Vilnius, Podgorica, Rimini, Brest, Brandenburg, Grodno, Larnaca, St. Petersburg, Kutaisi, Kostanay, Geneva, Kaliningrad, Gomel, London, Manchester, Milan, Sochi, Tbilisi, Helsinki, Frankfurt-on- Frankfurt, Stockholm, Istanbul, Tehran, Tel Aviv.

air fleet:

  1. Boeing 737-300 - 9 aircraft;
  2. Boeing 737-500 - 6 aircraft;
  3. Boeing 737-800 - 3 aircraft;
  4. Boeing 737-BBJ2 - 1 aircraft;
  5. Bombardier CRJ 100ER - 1 aircraft;
  6. Bombardier CRJ 200ER - 4 aircraft;
  7. Bombardier Challenger 850 - 1 aircraft;
  8. Tu-154M - 3 aircraft;
  9. Embraer 175 - 2 aircraft;
  10. Embraer 195 - 2 aircraft.


February 1 85-year-2 near Minsk crashed Tu-134. Of the passengers were killed 80 58 people. The reason was fallen from the wing of the ice. When he got off the engine, which is why he began to break down.

In the year 2008, 14 February accident with CRJ-100LR plane. On board was a crew member of the 3 and 18 passengers, no one was hurt. The plane moved to the right bank and collided with the ground.

In January 2003 years at the Yak-40 when entering the airspace of the Czech Republic, cracked glass in the cockpit. The airliner was able to sit in Ruzyne Airport using 2 Czech Air Force fighters. No harm done.

March 7 11-year aircraft CRJ 100 / 200, taking off from the runway Borispol, came back, as in the cabin smoke began to appear. No harm done.

In August 2011 years 737 Boeing made an emergency landing due to the fact that the pilots saw on the absence of sealing devices in the passenger compartment. No harm done.

4 April 2012 - Emergency landing of a Boeing 737 due to a fault sensor in the landing gear. No harm done. 


Basic data on Belavia Belarusian Airlines:

  • Airline country - Belarus

  • National Aviation Company of Belarus

  • Year of appearance: 1996

  • IATA airline code: B2

  • ICAO airline code: BRU

  • Internal airline code: B2


Belavia-Belarusian Airlines (Belavia-Belarusian Airlines). Official site:

Belavia Belarusian Airlines. Official site.


The contact details of Belavia Belarusian Airlines:

  • City airline phone: +375172202424

  • The mailing address of the airline: st. Nemiga, 14, Minsk, 220004, Belarus

  • Airline Fax: +375172202383

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected]

  • Mailing address of the Russian representative office: 101000, Moscow, Armenian pereulok, 6

  • Russian office phone: +74956231084

  • Fax of the representative office in Russia: +74959281437

  • Email address of the Russian representative office: [email protected]

  • Base airport airports are: Minsk National

  • Flights to CIS countries: Ekaterinburg, Astana, Kaliningrad, Yerevan, Kostanay, Kiev, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Pavlodar

  • International flights: Warsaw, Berlin, Larnaca, Vienna, Paris, London, Istanbul, Rome, Tbilisi, Stockholm, Frankfurt am Main, Tel Aviv

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: Boeing737-300, Boeing737-500, BombardierCRJ100 / 200, Embraer175, TupolevTu154.


Belavia Belarusian Airlines official website


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