Bell 214ST Super Transport
Bell 214ST Super Transport. Photo. Characteristics.

Bell 214ST Super Transport


Bell 214ST Super Transport - a multi-purpose helicopter.


Bell 214ST Super Transport Photo

Bell 214ST Super Transport Photo

Designed by the American firm BellHelicopterTextron, used as the base sample helicopter Bell 214A.

The first flight took place in February 1977. In 1982 the helicopter was certified. The first 107 214ST helicopters of the production batch were delivered in 1982.


Features helicopter Bell 214ST Super Transport:


  • The diameter of the main rotor: 15.85m

  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 2.95m

  • Length: 18.95m

  • Height: 4.84m

  • Empty weight: 4284kg

  • The highest take-off weight: 7938kg 

  • Domestic fuel: 1647 + optional 659 · 

  • Engine type: XEUMNHGTD GeneralElectricCT2A 

  • Power: 2x1212kW 

  • The speed at FL: 259km / h

  • Practical range: 1020km

  • Combat Radius: 858km

  • Rate of climb: 543m / min

  • Ceiling: 1950m

  • Static ceiling: 1460m

  • Number of crew members: 1 - 2 

  • Payload: 18 passengers or 3493kg cargo 


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