Unmanned future: highly efficient operation of drones
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Unmanned future: highly efficient operation of drones

Unmanned future: highly efficient operation of drones

With the development of modern technology, the drones are increasingly becoming a competitive substitute for small planes and helicopters patrolling the territory, carrying out reconnaissance, monitoring fire conditions, carrying out search and rescue operations, and others. However, British experts have decided to make the operation of drones more efficiently, which is why going over the next 2-3 years to implement a new technology that allows unmanned aerial vehicles increased autonomy.

According to British scientists from Imperial College London, in the near future, unmanned aerial vehicles will be able to replenish the charge of batteries using conventional electric transmission lines. In fact, experts suggest creating special platforms directly on power lines, equipped with special devices providing the possibility of special recharging of the UAV. The platform itself should be equipped with a special GPS tag, which provides an accurate fit of the drone, while here, there will also be a kind of connector that provides an opportunity to activate the process of recharging the batteries. The technology is indeed quite innovative, however, it is important to clarify the fact that it is suitable only for unmanned aerial vehicles operating at the expense of an electric power plant, moreover, given the location of the site itself, only vertical-capable aircraft will be able to land here for subsequent recharging takeoff and landing.

The process of charging the battery drone

Nevertheless, experts believe that even such an approach would provide ample opportunities for unmanned aircraft, in particular, with the help of devices that charge drones, it will be possible to patrol the area without difficulty and perform other, higher voiced, tasks. It is important to note that experts believe that due to the installation of special power supply devices, the UAV batteries will take only 20 minutes to charge, which is about 2-3 times faster than when charging from a normal network.

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