Unmanned SUPERKAM system (S250)
Unmanned SUPERKAM system (S250)

Unmanned SUPERKAM system (S250)

UAV Supercam (S250) is created on a special project for the harsh Russian climate conditions. Its mission is to carry out monitoring and surveillance, as well as the transmission of information in real time to a ground control station on board the UAV.

If you made a hard landing, there is an automatic disconnection of the wings from the center section to minimize the risks of damage to valuable equipment unmanned.

UAVs can carry out aerial photography site and determine the GPS-coordinates of the objects to solve such problems:

  • Thermal imaging and video monitoring.

  • Aerial view.

  • Monitoring during emergencies.

  • Mapping.

  • Inventory of real estate.

  • Inventory of Forestry.

  • Advertising photography.

  • Development plan.

  • Land reclamation.

  • Precision agriculture.

  • Monitoring and land management.

  • herd management.

For the flight you only need to specify the route, everything else makes the UAV itself. Launch, flight, and landing UAV occur automatically. The man on the ground can only download a detailed picture made with reference to the GPS. A still image included a full set of telemetry data: the angle and height of the survey, geographic coordinates, pitch / roll / vehicle speed.

UAV Supercam (S250-f) was created specifically for the harsh Russian climatic conditions. Designed this unit specifically for aerial photography. When performing a hard landing, the wings detach themselves so as not to damage the remaining elements of the UAV. 

Unmanned SUPERKAM system (S250). Characteristics:

Modification   S250   S250-f
Wingspan, m   2.50   2.50
Length m   0.69   0.69
Height, m    
Weight, kg    
  maximum take-off   8.5   8.5
engine's type   1 ED   1 ED
Power, hp   1 x   1 x
Cruising speed, km / h   65-120   60-125
Radius of action, km   25-50   50-100
Flight duration, min   180   180
Operating altitude, m   50-500   50-500
Practical ceiling, m   3600   3600
UAV launch   elastic catapult   elastic catapult
landing   parachute   parachute


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