Security on the ground. Measures that are worth taking.
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Security on the ground. Measures that are worth taking.

Security on the ground. Measures that are worth taking.


Given the unstable situation in the world, you should pay attention not only to the safety of flights of aircraft, but also on rigid adherence to all safety regulations at airports. The main reason is terrorism faced by many countries, moreover, it is possible, and increasingly very likely that passenger airliner Airbus A321 owned company "Kogalymavia" was destroyed was a terrorist organization.



Considering the fact that in fact Russia opposed the terrorist group "Islamic State", whose leaders have threatened to organize several terrorist acts on the territory of the country, it is necessary to take all necessary measures in advance to prevent them, in particular, to ensure the maximum possible security in air harbors, including This applies not only to the largest airports of the Russian Federation, but also to other air harbors, which can in their essence be only ways to other, larger air hubs in the territory of the country.



According to experts of the information resource, at the moment the primary task is to check all air harbors of the Russian Federation for the fact of proper security here. Of course, most airports fully comply with the safety regulations, carrying out a full check of passengers intending to fly to one of the directions, however, there are occasions when attempts are made to bring weapons, suspicious items (including those not causing any danger) to the aircraft, liquids from above established norms, etc. Apply here is the most cardinal methods for eliminating any violations, and although this will not guarantee 100% security, but, nevertheless, greatly increase it.



Among other things, we should not also forget about the high level of security and on the technical areas of airports, because, in some cases, these moments are inherently uncontrolled, moreover, show abnormalities even in the largest airports in the world, not to mention how much they have in the airports of local or regional importance, to enter the territory of which, in its essence is not too much trouble.

Just ensure maximum security, which essentially should be observed at all times, to avoid cases of danger to the tens and hundreds of passengers.


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