Security of travel and Aeroflot
Security of travel and Aeroflot

Security of travel and Aeroflot


- We are with you come to one of the most important blocks. It Aeroflot and travel safety. Let's start with plane crashes, because they are a very big problem in our country.


Look to 1953 years with the aircraft of the Soviet civil aviation occurred in total 127 aircraft accidents and minor accidentsWhich claimed the lives of 6895 people. Why did the crash happen?


 I would begin by saying that plane crashes happen everywhere. And no airline is immune from the fact that it may have a plane crash. The main reason is the human factor. Don't push those pedals - human factor. I did not see any obstacle - the human factor. And so you can list a lot.


Security of travel and AeroflotWhat we need to do? At first, Pilots need to eliminate the deficit. Also, we need "black list"Pilots. If the pilot drunk, failed to comply with any instructions or otherwise violated discipline, it is made to the list. This means that neither Russian nor foreign airlines it on the robot will take longer. Then it can be anything, but the plane he no longer trust. What is special about aviation? On the roads in accidents killed many more people than in aviation. But any aircraft crash causes stress in society. It does not matter how big tragedy. We are for all to see.


Another point. No matter how much we did not talk about the human factor, the problem lies in infrastructure. We have it very poor quality. We have ManagerThat work a little farther Moscow They can not communicate in plain English. They are constantly having some issues and delays. Maybe they need to pay in another way. I do not know how much they receive. But the fact that the requirements for them have to be completely different level - that's for sure. Collectively things. we are talking about, can solve the problem of security.


Speaking as a whole, I think the main problem as the pilots, who are now working in the Russian aviation.


- That is, to a greater extent, the problem in humans rather than technical factors?


- Look, today there are a lot of automated equipment, which can, for example, the very land the plane. So, of course, we need to put the most advanced equipment and software. It will allow people to relax a little bit and not act at random. Often in difficult weather conditions in Moscow sit only aircraft "Aeroflot"And foreign flights. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to raise the level of both pilots and equipment. One without the other does not exist. If we unqualified pilots and very high-quality equipment improvements will not. Also, if the pilots are qualified, and the equipment is outdated - it also creates problems.


 - That's how a person who delves into everything, did you watch the statistics? In Soviet times, fell less aircraft?


You can not compare the Soviet period with our time. Every airline, including Aeroflot, has stories. For example, in the middle of the 2000-ies there was an accident with Aeroflot-Nord. But Aeroflot 90 years, it's like a man. As a person is sick for something, the airline can have difficult moments. In Soviet times there was only Aeroflot in general. Preparation was different, we all flew on our technique, no one counted money, kerosene was nemereno, etc. We flew in our own sky, and foreign flights were generally a separate topic. So you can not compare. This is a completely different story. It is more correct to compare our and foreign statistics.


- What did she say?


Naturally, when viewed as a whole, overseas it does not. It's a fact.


- Different agencies or media publish safety ratings airlines in the world, as soon as something happens. And, at times, leaders in a rating is in the tail of the rating, which accounted for the other media. Is there any certain official rating airline safety? If it is, at what point are we there? In general, if you can believe him?


 Ratings are related to the number of accidents that occurred in a company. We proceed from the following. If the company 90 years, and Aeroflot - is one of the oldest airlines in the world, then of course, something could be in such a long period of time. And if the company 5-10 years, it will look different in this ranking, because she did not have time to do anything. We must build on whether Russian airlines have safety certificates in the air IATA. By the way, from the Russian airlines 130, God forbid that they have the 30-40 companies. These certificates are proof of the company's security. Moreover, they must be regularly confirmed. Therefore, it is necessary to look, not how we look in ratings, but whether we have the appropriate quality certificates. A certificate is a combination of those factors that guarantee passengers safety.


In my opinion you need, all Russian airlines are required to undergo the appropriate checks by independent experts. It can have a positive impact on safety.

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.


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