Safety in civil aviation: the priority rules.
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Safety in civil aviation: the priority rules.

Safety in civil aviation: the priority rules.


It's no secret that the civil aviation of our country is trying to develop at an intensive pace, however, from time to time we have to hear that, despite timely measures taken, regular inspections of the state of the activities of air carriers, etc., about accidents and incidents leading, as a rule, to death of people.



Not so long ago, the editorial staff of the information portal heard a speech by a representative of the Civil Aviation Administration of the PRC, which, in addition to summarizing the past 2015, also touched upon the safety of civil aircraft flights. Indeed, already during the last 64 months, Chinese airlines have been able to control the safety of civil aviation as qualitatively as possible, in particular, if incidents do occur, then, as a rule, they do not pose a big threat to aircraft, crew members and passengers, which in turn says It is more likely that the Chinese authorities managed to tighten the policy and regulations so tightly that it began to act in a positive way. Among other things, there are far more than a dozen air carriers on the territory of China, each of which has not only modern aircraft, but also aircraft that need timely replacement, in connection with which it is to be assumed that the conditions for both Chinese air operators and Russian Airlines are quite equivalent, although the cocktail result is completely different.

In connection with the above, it is quite likely that the question arises as to why, in the Russian Federation, the rules of air travel are not toughen to a large extent, which in turn will help ensure high safety conditions for air travel, and it is quite possible that hundreds of lives will be saved for Russian citizens. Of course, this can lead to the fact that a number of domestic airlines will simply cease to exist, not coming up under the conditions, however, can you compare the commercial sphere, and, in fact, money profit, with human lives?



The first thing that the authorities of the Russian Federation should take care of is the introduction of strict rules for the entire sphere of civil aviation regarding the use of obsolete equipment, moreover, this is not a mandatory write-off, but a full-fledged regular check of its condition, and if any violations are detected, an air carrier must be administratively punished without fail, since this is an actual violation of security that threatens the lives of tens and hundreds of people.

Do not forget about checking staff of the airlines, in particular, this applies to pilots, who sometimes identify checks, sometimes do not have the right to operate one or other air technique that applies, of course, not to all.

At the moment, the safety of domestic civil aviation is seriously lame, and if I may put it this way, most air carriers are "down on the brakes" until, in the end, this does not lead to terrible tragedies with the death of people.


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