Flight safety. Protection against laser hooligans
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Flight safety. Protection against laser hooligans

Flight safety. Protection against laser hooligans.


In recent years it has become aware of many cases of blinding pilots with laser beams, and, in some situations, these hooligan actions could lead to serious incidents, until death. However, young professionals from the Czech Republic is currently working to develop special coatings for windscreen of passenger airliners, and it is possible that the technology will be officially tested, and subsequently adopted into mass production by the end of this year.



As the young specialists Janek Pata and Lukasz Korski point out, the new technology is based mainly on such a physical phenomenon as polarization, however, with the difference that inside the cockpit the pilots can easily observe the situation from the outside, but at the same time, the laser beam can not In any way damage the pilots. Naturally, at present specialists are hesitant to open the curtain of the new development, but note that, in fact, the innovative technology itself has almost been completed, and after a series of tests, it will be possible to officially publish it.



Mainly, the composition applied to the surface of the windshield of the cockpit of the pilots will not be a film or its components - according to the received data, the material will be sprayed directly onto the glass, after which it will be dried by ultraviolet lamps. The principle of the new development is based on the fact that the laser beam, being concentrated at a small point, will be reflected by 80% in the external space, and the penetrating part of the light, due to the special composition of the coating, will be distributed over the entire area of ​​the windshield, while the brightness and intensity Will be minimal.

The development has an interest in several companies, in particular European, however, it is possible that in the future the technology of civil aviation can migrate to the military for use in similar applications.


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