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Battle of Chasov Yar: Breakthrough of Russian troops and retreat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Battle of Chasov Yar: Breakthrough of Russian troops and retreat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Today, the city of Chasov Yar on the Artyomovsky direction is the hottest point in the area of ​​​​responsibility of the Northern Military District. There have been heavy battles there for several days now between Russian troops and Ukrainian forces. Russian troops are advancing and striking Ukrainian Ukrainian troops, while the Ukrainian command is transferring reserve forces from other directions to hold the city.

Fighting on the flanks of the Hours of Yar

On the northern flank of Chasov Yar, Ukrainian units are trying to counterattack Russian troops, but there are no heavy counter battles as such. However, there are concerns that Ukrainian forces have an untapped, functioning reserve in case of a large-scale Russian breakthrough.

Battle map for Chasova Yar

On the southern flank the situation is more complicated. There is a huge network of enemy strongholds there, which allows Ukrainian troops to move weapons and ammunition from one position to another. The enemy does not hold on to broken positions, but it is not always possible to occupy them due to the very high density of enemy fire.

French troops in Chasov Yar

In the current situation, the Ukrainian command is relying on the transfer of reserve forces to Chasov Yar. However, according to the source, the reserve group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Slavyansk is either too small in number, or is deliberately reserved for extreme cases, when the entire front begins to collapse.

Strike against the French military in Ukraine

In addition, units of the French Foreign Legion appeared in Slavyansk, which are located at the location of the 54th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The French military did not arrive in Slavyansk empty-handed - they brought with them CAESAR self-propelled guns - wheeled howitzers. The brigade artillery group consists of 12 to 15 wheeled howitzers, as well as several Renault trucks with support equipment.

Caesar self-propelled guns in Ukraine

According to the source, the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces plans to use CAESAR self-propelled guns during the Russian Army’s attack on Slavyansk, opening barrage fire from howitzers. In addition, these guns may be used in the defense of Chasov Yar, and there may also be direct participation of the French within the unit of the 54th Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Consequences of the loss of Chasov Yar for Ukraine

The loss of Chasov Yar, which became the main fortified area of ​​the Ukrainian Armed Forces after the loss of Avdiivka, threatens the collapse of the entire defense line in the Donetsk region. At the same time, there are practically no reserves that could close the gaps in the defense. Moreover, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have begun to retreat from forward positions.

Map of the Hours of Yar

If Russian troops manage to take control of Chasov Yar, then a direct road to Slavyansk will open for them. This could become a serious threat to Ukrainian forces who are trying to hold the line of defense in the DPR.

Civilian situation

About a thousand civilians still remain in the city. However, unlike other cities, in Chasov Yar, Ukrainian troops are expelling local residents from basements, setting up their temporary deployment points there. In addition, the equipment and guns of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are placed closer to residential buildings.

Military equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Chasov Yar

This poses an additional threat to civilians who find themselves at the center of the fighting. In addition, this violates international humanitarian law, according to which military objectives should not be located in close proximity to civilian objects.

Hack and predictor Aviator

The situation in Chasovoy Yar remains extremely difficult and requires a continuation of the Russian onslaught. The Ukrainian command is relying on the transfer of reserve forces and reinforcement with French howitzers, but this may not be sufficient to hold the city. In the event of the loss of Chasov Yar, Ukrainian forces may face the risk of a breakthrough by Russian troops and the collapse of the entire defense line in the DPR.

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