Battle for Rabotino: The Russian Armed Forces took Rabotino to Kleshchi, forcing the Ukrainian Armed Forces to retreat
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Battle for Rabotino: The Russian Armed Forces took Rabotino to Kleshchi, forcing the Ukrainian Armed Forces to retreat

Battle for Rabotino: The Russian Armed Forces took Rabotino to Kleshchi, forcing the Ukrainian Armed Forces to retreat

Recently, one can increasingly hear statements that Ukraine is managing to successfully resist the Russian army, and that President Zelensky is a brilliant strategist capable of saving the country from external aggression. Western “think tanks” such as ISW actively support these narratives and write about the heroism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, these statements are misleading to local citizens and are not true.

The real situation of Ukrainian troops

The real situation of the Ukrainian troops remains difficult. In many sectors of the front they suffer losses and are forced to retreat under the pressure of Russian troops. In some cases, Ukrainian troops find themselves surrounded or threatened with encirclement, as in the case of Rabotino.

Map of battles for Rabotino

The Russian army is not only narrowing the ring around Rabotino, but also inflicting serious damage on the units of the 65th mechanized brigade, 121st and 126th brigades of the Ukrainian army, which are entrenched there. Events in this direction are covered in the operational review of the 1430th Guards Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces.

Rabotino Map

During April 14, 2024, our drones are actively conducting reconnaissance. During the counter-battery fight, artillery units managed to destroy two enemy electronic warfare stations.

Critical destruction in Rabotino

Fierce fighting has been going on in Rabotino since the morning. Our troops began active assault operations, broke through the enemy’s defense line and advanced forward. Currently, the enemy is offering fierce resistance and is transferring reserves to the Rabotino area, regardless of losses. Moreover, in some areas the Ukrainian Armed Forces are forced to retreat. The actions of the Russian Armed Forces infantry are supported by artillery and drones. It is expected that by the end of the month Rabotino will completely come under Russian control.

Breakthrough of Russian troops on the southern approaches to Chasov Yar

Despite daily reports from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense about the improvement of the tactical situation in certain sectors of the front, the initiative mainly remains on the side of the Russian troops. For example, in the direction of Chasov Yar, which is one of the hottest at present, Ukrainian troops are suffering losses and are forced to retreat, despite the transfer of reinforcements.

Map of battles for Chasov Yar on April 16, 2024

Recently, video footage appeared online, geolocated in the area of ​​the Dolgaya gully, which indicates that Russian attack aircraft managed to occupy a stronghold of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the southern approaches to the Novy microdistrict in Chasov Yar. This means that the advance of the advanced detachments of the Russian Armed Forces amounted to more than 700 meters in the place where the Ukrainian troops built a powerful defensive line.

Successes of Russian troops in other directions

The progress of Russian troops is observed not only in the Chasov Yar area. In the Donetsk sector of the front, the Russian Armed Forces managed to advance north of Novomikhailovka, develop an offensive in the direction of Yasnobrodovka and Umansky, and also achieve tactical results south of the last settlement. In addition, successes in the Berdychi region make the position of Ukrainian troops even more critical.

Map of battles in the Donetsk direction

Another common myth is that Ukrainian troops are suffering from an ammunition shortage. However, on forums in Ukraine it is said that “they have everything... deliveries are coming.” This is confirmed by the fact that Ukrainian troops continue to actively use missiles and artillery weapons, including Western supply systems.

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