Commercial Aviation Company
Commercial Aviation: the companies operating in Russia

Commercial Aviation: the companies operating in Russia


Commercial Aviation in the Russian Federation, although it is not developed in the best way, yet very successfully. Of course, take care of their own aircraft, despite the fact that it represents, airplane, helicopter, or something else, is very problematic, and this is what gave rise to the aviation enterprises.



Business aviation companies operating in Russia, make a list of 14 air carriers, and this is a very impressive number of flights shedule, significantly exceeding both local and charter carriers combined. The business aviation companies include:

  1. 223-second flight detachment;
  2. Aerolimousine;
  3. Barkol;
  4. Helix;
  5. Jet Air Group;
  6. Kazan Aviation Enterprise;
  7. Converse Air;
  8. Kosmos ;
  9. Light Air;
  10. Lukoil-Avia;
  11. Meridian;
  12. Rus-Jet;
  13. Sirius-Aero;
  14. Tulpar-Air.


It should be noted that apart from the fact that business aviation company in Russia presented slightly higher service its business jets also provide other air carriers, including those involved in the main and regional air transport.



Despite the fact that business aviation Russia has quite a lot of companies use them at the moment it is very important for many Russians, and therefore, it is necessary to assume that in the next few years in Russia there will be new business aviation company, which would make this medium and already more competitive.



It should be noted that today Russian citizens increasingly used foreign business aviation company, with is connected with several conditions:

  • The high quality of the services provided;
  • Flexible rates for the services;
  • The current state of civil aircraft.


Most Russian aircraft for business aviation today come since the days of the Soviet Union - is reworked and modified "Tu", "Yak" and others, which does not inspire confidence in them in the hearts of Russian businessmen, and not always suited for the flight in accordance with established international standards. In addition, most airlines specializing in providing business aviation services suffer imposing costs due to high fuel consumption of aircraft.

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