Commercial Aviation Pulkovo
Commercial Aviation Pulkovo

Commercial Aviation Pulkovo


Commercial Aviation Pulkovo 3 (St. Petersburg) - is today one of the largest and the first in the Northwest region of the Russian Federation, the node provides services to the business aviation. Commercial Aviation Pulkovo 3 can simultaneously be served 30 aircraft business aviation and services, these are some of the highest quality for today throughout the Russian Federation.



Commercial Aviation Pulkovo 3, as well as the services rendered are in great demand, with this concerns not only Russian but also foreign aircrafts, as, in fact, the business aviation Pulkovo 3 provides original stopover for business aviation, flying from the East, so and from the West, and it is necessary to clarify that the service of aircraft maintenance business class proved themselves effectively.

In addition to places for parking and maintenance business aviationTerminal Pulkovo 3 also has a passenger terminal and a well-developed infrastructure, certainly the proper atmosphere needed by high-ranking officials and businessmen, with both Russian citizens and persons of foreign countries, including Europe, Asia, etc.



Business Pulkovo Aviation 3 is a modern complex for operational maintenance of aircraft Business Class. In addition, the complex is also based aircraft many Russian airlines engaged in the business aviation sector. Guide you in Scandinavia, Western Europe, or on the contrary, intend to get into Russia through the North-West region, the business aviation Pulkovo 3 you will certainly be in demand.



In addition to the quality of rendered services is business aviation Pulkovo 3 has in the state exclusively professional and qualified staff, specially trained work with VIP-clients, so finding your aircraft on the territory of the complex will be really the right decision.

Commercial Aviation Pulkovo 3, allows not only to deal with any service arriving and recovering business aircraft, but also to keep the aircraft in compliance with all the necessary procedures in this process. Daily work with almost one hundred clients - that's what business aviation Pulkovo 3 can truly be proud of.