Business aviation in Russia
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Business aviation in Russia

Business Aviation in Russia it is not as developed as in the USA and European countries, but every year the services of this industry are becoming more popular, which explains the growing number of private air carriers. Any citizen can rent a business jet, which allows the customer of a charter flight to get almost anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. Separate business aviation centers, which are located in almost every major airport, are engaged in servicing passengers and aircraft.


The difference between business aviation and civil aviation

Business aviation can be considered one of the branches of civil aviation, but there are differences between them and, moreover, in some aspects, very significant. First of all, the flight schedule of a charter flight is drawn up individually, while regular flights depart only on schedule. The client himself determines the route, departure date, stops on the way, if necessary. Business aviation is also valued by wealthy passengers for the fact that it is possible to rent aircraft with an increased level of comfort, which includes:

  • Insignificant passenger capacity of the cabin - from 2-3 to 15 people;
  • Equipping the aircraft with innovative navigation, sound absorption and safety systems;
  • Modern interior in salons;
  • The presence of conditions on board, allowing you not to change your lifestyle. Businessmen can rent a plane equipped with everything necessary for work and negotiations. There are business jets with bedrooms, shower rooms, a separate kitchen, and the most elite ones can offer passengers also spa services.

Passengers of charter flights check in through a separate VIP terminal. Individual service for each client allows for inspection and registration in no more than 15 minutes. Therefore, the time from arrival at the airport to boarding and taking off the aircraft is very short - up to 30 minutes. Passengers on private jets can take their pets and luggage with them on the flight to the extent that the cargo hold allows. Many well-known persons value business aviation for its privacy - only a few of the company's employees involved in organizing the flight know about their movements. Air carriers do not provide information about customers to unauthorized persons.

Who chooses private aviation

Business aviation began to develop actively in Russia after 2000, that is, at the time when the state's economic growth began. In the early years, the services of private air carriers were mainly used by businessmen. Thanks to charter flights, they could quickly get to a meeting with a potential partner, fly around several branches of their company in a day, or simply fly away on vacation.

Now aircraft rental is ordered not only by business people, but also by:

  • Media personalities;
  • Politicians;
  • Government officials;
  • Sports clubs;
  • State corporations.

Naturally, a private jet is much more expensive than a regular flight. It doesn't matter to dollar millionaires, but ordinary people can't afford it. However, business jets are often leased by heads of large companies for flights of their employees, for example, on a shift or to launch a new facility in another region. Group flights are slightly different in cost from ordinary flights, but much more convenient, since they deliver passengers to the final point of the route just in time.

Charter flights are often ordered to transport a patient for treatment to another city or country. Sometimes this is the only way to save a person's life. Business aviation also carries out the transportation of valuable cargo and equipment, which is not always possible by any other means of transport.

Business aviation airports

Air carriers usually do not have their own airports for sending and receiving aircraft. This is not profitable either financially or in terms of organizing flights, since it is necessary to take into account the flights of civil and military aircraft. Private aircraft are served by vip terminals located at major airports:

  • Vnukovo-3. Multifunctional terminal serving international and domestic flights. The territory is equipped with lounge areas for passengers, meeting rooms, a cafe, ATMs and a children's play area. All conditions have been created for crew rest between flights. Vnukovo-3 is valued for its close location to the Moscow Ring Road and a well-developed infrastructure. The terminal serves almost all types of aircraft used by business aviation;
  • Sheremetyevo. A separate terminal A has been built for business aviation at Sheremetyevo. It fully corresponds to the services of the premium segment in terms of services. Up to 25 aircraft can be simultaneously located on the aprons, up to 32 in covered hangars. The terminal is equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of passengers, including those with disabilities. The waiting time for departure can be spent in the recreation area, there is a duty-free shop, there is a guarded car park. Check-in for charter flights via Sheremetyevo takes no more than 20 minutes;
  • Pulkovo-3. The main business aviation center for the North-West direction. Provides support in the organization of regional and international flights. The total area is 100 thousand sq. meters. The terminal has everything necessary for VIP passengers, crew members of private aircraft and technical services involved in preparing aircraft for departure. JetPort SPb is a terminal completely created specifically for the needs of business aviation, therefore, it accepts and dispatches all types of aircraft used for charter flights;
  • Domodedovo. The private aviation center is located at a distance from the main airport buildings. The complex consists of a VIP terminal for passengers, aprons, and covered hangars. There is a helipad. Domodedovo is convenient because there are two independent runways located at a great distance. This feature of the airport allows you to receive and release planes at the same time.

Business aviation is convenient in that it allows its customers to quickly, comfortably and safely get to anywhere on the planet. Therefore, there are more and more companies involved in air transportation, and the level of service for passengers is steadily increasing.


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