Boeing 747-8
Boeing 747-8

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The wide, double-decker Boeing 747-8, is chetyrehdvigatelnym, passenger airliner, developed by «Boeing Commercial Airplanes», and represents a new generation of aircraft family «747». This aircraft is also the largest commercial airliner built by Boeing for passenger traffic. The length of the Boeing 747-8 on 5,5 meters more than that of its popular predecessor - Boeing 747-400.

The work on the new aircraft, the company, was announced 14 November 2005 of the year. The program to build a new aircraft was designated as "747 Advanced". When designing a new aircraft, it was laid its greater efficiency, environmental friendliness and lower noise levels. Almost a year later, in October 2006, the Boeing company approved the cargo version of the aircraft, which received the designation Boeing 747-8F (747-8 Freighter). The prototypes were assembled at an aircraft factory located in Everett, Washington. The first flight of the Boeing 747-8 Freighter was made on February 8 of the year 2010. In the flight tests involved four aircraft Boeing 747-8F.

Boeing 747-8 photo

Boeing 747-8 aircraft photo

8 May 2010, the assembly of the passenger version of the airliner, designated Boeing 747-8I (747-8 Intercontinental), was started. Originally it was supposed to make the passenger version shorter than the cargo version, but then this idea was abandoned, and both versions have the same fuselage length, which is 76,25 meters.

The first flight of this version took place on 20 March 2011. Boeing 747-8I was certified 14 December 2011 of the year. The first commercial, passenger Boeing 747-8, was delivered to the German airline "Lufthansa», April 25 2012 years.

Boeing 747-8 photo salon

Boeing 747-8 business class lounge

The passenger version of the Boeing 747-8I aircraft, in a three-class cabin, is capable of carrying 467 passengers. The two-class layout allows you to place the 581 passenger seat. As much as possible, the aircraft is able to take on passengers 605. At maximum load, the range of the Boeing 747-8I is 14800 kilometers. Cruising speed 917 kilometers per hour.

Compared to previous 747 aircraft, the new Boeing 747-8 uses improved aerodynamics and more modern technologies. In particular, the wing of the aircraft has become thinner and wider, while maintaining the same sweep as on the Boeing 747-400. On the wings applied and new ridge wing tips, providing better aerodynamics and increasing fuel efficiency.

On Boeing 747-8, new low-cost engines GEnx-2B67 were installed, with a load of the order of 296 kN, produced by the American company General Electric. These motors are not only economical, but also have a lower noise level compared to previous models.

On October 2013 years 57 produced aircraft units Boeing 747-8. The main competitor to this American aircraft, today is a European airliner Airbus A380.

Boeing 747-8 interior scheme

Boeing 747-8 interior scheme

Technical characteristics of the aircraft Boeing 747-8:

  • The first flight of Boeing 747-8F: 8 2010 February year
  • The first flight of Boeing 747-8I: 20 2011 March year
  • Years of production: c 2008
  • Length: 76,25 m.
  • Height: 19,35 m.
  • Wingspan: 68,45 m.
  • The width of the passenger compartment: 6,13 m.
  • Empty weight: 213200 kg.
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 442000 kg.
  • Wing area: 554 sq.m.
  • Cruising speed: 917 km / h..
  • Maximum speed: 988 km / h..
  • Ceiling: 13100 m.
  • Range: 14800 km.
  • Engines: 4 x turbofan engines General Electric GEnx-2B67 (296 kN)
  • Crew: 2 man
  • Number of seats: 605 seats in economy class

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