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Boeing 757-200 - twin-engine, narrow-body, passenger aircraft manufactured by «Boeing Commercial Airplanes», intended for use in routing in the medium range. Boeing 757, Was created as a replacement for the single-aisle airliner trimotored Boeing 727.

Compared to its predecessor, the Boeing 757, has become more efficient in terms of fuel use. Which expense, it was possible to reduce practically on 20 percent, thanks to advanced aerodynamics and use of new engines.

The official launch of the Boeing 757 aircraft began in August 1978. The basic version of this project was the Boeing 757-200 aircraft, which was developed to accommodate 189 passenger seats.

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Boeing 757-200 Salon

The first test flight of an airliner, with RollsRoyce RB211-535C turbojet engines installed, with 166,4 kN thrust, took place on February 19 of the year 1982. After the end of the test, 21 December 1982 of the year, the Boeing 757-200, received the American FAA certificate, about suitability for flight. A month later, in January 1982, the aircraft was certified in the UK. In 1983, the first Boeing 757-200, was delivered to the air carrier Eastern Air Lines.

The first flight of Boeing 757-200, the established American engines Pratt & Whitney PW2037s, with traction 162,8 kN, was made in March 14 1984 years. And at the end of October of the same year, he was certified.

The main operators of aircraft carriers became "American Airlines","United Airlines","Delta Air Lines"Transport and« UPS Airlines airline. "

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Boeing 757-200 yuteir

On an airliner, a digital avionics EFIS, developed by «Rockwell Collins». To display all the necessary six multifunction displays using flight information. This avionics suite is the unification with the avionics used on widebody Boeing 767, which was developed in parallel with the Boeing 757.

The passenger cabin of the aircraft, in a two-class configuration, economy plus business, allows you to place the 201 passenger seat. In a one-class, economical configuration, the Boeing 757-200 allows you to take on 228 passengers.

In addition to the commercial, passenger version, the cargo aircraft was also developed, which received the designation Boeing 757-200PF. This aircraft is designed to carry up to 40 tons of payload. The main difference between this model and the passenger one is the presence of a cargo door 3,4 x 2,19 meters in size.

As of July 2011, the 673 units of the aircraft and 79 units of the cargo version of the aircraft were in operation - the Boeing 757-200PF. To date, the aircraft continues to be used on medium-length airlines with a small passenger traffic.

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Boeing 757-200 interior scheme

Boeing 757-200 interior scheme

Technical characteristics of the aircraft Boeing 757-200:

  • The first flight of Boeing 757-200: 19 1982 February year
  • Production Years: c 1982 2004 year on year
  • Length: 47,32 m.
  • Height: 13,56 m.
  • Wingspan: 38,05 m.
  • Empty weight: 58390 kg.
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 115900 kg.
  • Wing area: 185,3 sq.m.
  • Cruising speed: 850 km / h..
  • Maximum speed: 914 km / h..
  • Ceiling: 12800 m.
  • Range: 5550 - 7270 km.
  • Length of takeoff: 2350 m.
  • Run length: 1550 m.
  • Engines to get kN)
  • Crew: 2 man
  • Number of seats: 228 seats in economy class

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