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Boeing 767-200, a passenger, wide-body, twin-engine airliner developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, for medium and long-haul routes. Aircraft Boeing 767, occupy an intermediate position between the larger wide-body family Boeing 747 and narrow-body Boeing 757. Airplane Boeing 767-200, is the first and basic version of the small family «767» series.

The aircraft started to be designed in the year 1978, in response to the wide-body airliner Airbus A300, Manufactured by the European consortium «Airbus SAS».

During the construction of the aircraft, the classic layout was used, that is, the aircraft has the shape of a twin-engine monoplane with a low-shaped swept wing, a circular cross-section fuselage and a single fin tail. The aircraft was designed to use engines General Electric CF6 and Pratt & Whitney JT9D.

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Boeing 767-200 jus eirveys

When the passenger seats were located, the “2-3-2” scheme was chosen. Passenger capacity with three class layout is 181 place. In two classes, the aircraft can take on passengers 224. With a maximum cabin layout, the passenger capacity is 255 seats. It is also possible to arrange the seats in the cabin according to the “2-4-2” scheme. In this case, the maximum number of seats may be 290 seats. Such a dense layout, according to flight standards requires the installation of two additional doors. Therefore, the layout of "2-4-2" on the Boeing 767-200 is the exception rather than the rule.

Boeing 767-200 photo salon

Boeing 767-200 Salon

In the cockpit there are six CRT monitor to display flight and on-board information. All the avionics of the aircraft has a commonality with the single-aisle aircraft family Boeing 757.

The first flight of this aircraft with installed Pratt & Whitney JT9D7-R4D turbojet engines with 213,5 kN thrust, took place on September 26 1981 of the year. And the first flight with General Electric CF6 engines was 19 February 1982 of the year. The first American FAA flight certificate, on the Boeing 767-200, by Pratt & Whitney JT9D motors, was obtained on July 30 1982 of the year. The first customer for the plane was United Air Lines, in which 26 September 1982 was delivered the first commercial aircraft.

March 6 The 1984 of the year took to the air a modernized aircraft of this type, which had an increased flight range up to 12200 kilometers. This airliner received the designation Boeing 767-200ER (Extended Range), and first entered the airline "Ethiopian Airlines" and "El Al". 17 April 1988, an airline Mauritius Limited, based in Mauritius, on the Boeing 767-200ER aircraft, achieved a range record for twin-engine airliners. This aircraft covered a distance of 16162 kilometers.

To date, the airline delivered about 120 aircraft of this model. Some of the older models have been converting into cargo planes.

Most of the aircraft cabin space Boeing 777-200 - Transaero

Boeing 767-200 interior scheme

Boeing 767-200 interior scheme

Technical characteristics of the aircraft Boeing 767-200:

  • The first flight of Boeing 767-200: 26 September 1981 years
  • Production Years: c 1981 years
  • Length: 48,51 m.
  • Height: 15,85 m.
  • Wingspan: 47,57 m.
  • Empty weight: 80310 kg.
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 142880 kg.
  • Wing area: 283,3 sq.m.
  • Cruising speed: 870 km / h..
  • Maximum speed: 914 km / h..
  • Ceiling: 13200 m.
  • Flight range: 7130 - 12200 km.
  • Length of takeoff: 2600 m.
  • path length: 1700 m.
  • Main engines: )
  • Crew: 2 man
  • Number of seats: 255 seats in economy class

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