Boeing 787-10
Boeing 787-10

Boeing 787-10


Airliner Boeing 787-10 is the biggest airplane among the family of Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The number of passengers who may be on board in comparison with the previous modifications, up to 33% and 15% respectively, which makes it incredibly effective in passenger traffic.

Despite the fact that the first deliveries of the aircraft of this class will start only in 2018 year, already at the moment there is a tendency to the fact that the airlines all over the world this airplane will be in great demand. Here, an important role is played by fuel efficiency - compared to other previous models, the aircraft spends on 15-17% less fuel and thus on 20% less polluting emissions of carbon dioxide and other substances.



Range of flight of a new airliner Boeing 787-10 13 be thousands of kilometers that covers almost 90% of world air travel, and this cost reduction, and the possible reduction in price of air travel.



There is information that the new Boeing 787-10 will be the fourth and last in the family of this class of passenger airliners. Aircraft manufacturers intend to propose a new aircraft to replace already rather outdated passenger aircraft types such as the Boeing 777-200, Airbus A330 and Airbus A340.

At the moment, all over the world for more than 5 airline made a pre-order for the supply of aircraft 102, which certainly underlines the whole profitability of such contracts.


Features Boeing 787-10


  • Number of passenger seats - 323 pieces.
  • Flight range - 13 thousand kilometers;
  • Wingspan - 60 meters;
  • Length - 68 meters;
  • Height - 17 meters;
  • Cruising speed - 900 km \ h;
  • Maximum take-off weight - 252.6 tonnes;


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