Boeing 787-9
Boeing 787-9

Boeing 787-9



Passenger airliner Boeing 787-9 is successful modification of the original version Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Moreover there is an absolutely all the parameters of the aircraft.

The main feature of the passenger plane Boeing 787-9 is that compared to the other models in this family, it consumes less fuel, and thus remains a more environmentally friendly mode of transport because of reduced emission of pollutants in the 20%. Distance flight Boeing 787-9 15.3 is over thousands of kilometers, which is very effective in modern civil aviation, especially considering the fact that the aircraft can take on board up to 290 your passengers, depending on the interior layout.

It is also worth considering the fact that the aircraft manufacturers designed the Boeing 787-9 aircraft to replace 5 obsolete passenger airliners at once, in particular the Boeing 767-400ER, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, Lockheed L-1011, A330- 300 and A340-200, and Lockheed L-1011, and this trend is already observed today, since many airlines have already placed an order for the purchase of several dozen new generation aircraft.

The aircraft has already passed its certification in the middle of the year 2014, and aircraft manufacturer Boeing start serial production of the aircraft of this model, and it is worth noting that it is possible that this passenger aircraft have to subjugate civil aviation in the near future, to which the actual aircraft builder and counting.


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