Boeing B-47 Stratojet
Boeing B-47 Stratojet

Boeing B-47 Stratojet



Boeing B-47 Stratojet - one of the most common bombers of the Air Force US end 1940 - 1960-ies. For service in the aircraft-47 1947 was admitted to the city, to 1951, his production has increased significantly.
The aircraft engines installed six (J-47) J-35-2 1700 kg thrust of the company «Genereal Electric»). In the production process increased engine power compared to the first sample. By 1950, the engine thrust greater than 2360 kg (J-47).

Engine J-47 installed at other military and civilian aircraft.

In a number of samples were in-47 jet boosters.


Boeing B-47 Stratojet photo

Boeing B-47 Stratojet photo


By design features bombers are:

  • swept wing. Sweep the front edge was 35 °. This was the second case of using an unusual wing shape at the time. During World War II, a German plane had wing Ju-287;

  • the use of a braking parachute during landing of the aircraft;

  • bicycle scheme chassis. Basic rack located under the fuselage front and rear bomb bay;

  • parking angle of the wing corresponds to the angle of attack required for takeoff.



The performance characteristics of Boeing B-47 Stratojet:


  • Flight weight kg 56 000

  • Flight weight of the aircraft

  • In-47E-2, 93 440 kg

  • flight speed, km / h 960

  • Tactical ceiling, over m 12 000

  • Flight distance without refueling, km over 4800

  • Crew 3

  • Bomb load, kg over 9000


In February, on the plane 1948-47 The official was set a world speed record for bombers. 3680 km distance was covered 3 46 hours min.

On December 17 1947, the (first flight) on 1969 of (removal of aircraft from service) the company "Douglas", "Boeing" and "Lockheed" released 2060-47 units in different versions.


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