Control axes - axis control
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The control axes, the three axes of the aircraft, which are perpendicular to each other and pass through the center of gravity of the aircraft. The axis of the pitch-horizontal or transverse axis, runs across the aircraft from one side to the other-controlling the position of the aircraft nose up or nose down using elevator wheels (and stabilizer for trimming). The axis of the roll is the longitudinal axis passing through the aircraft from the front to the rear, operating the wing upwards or wing down using ailerons and flight spoilers. The yaw axis is the vertical axis passing through the aircraft from the top to the bottom, and control is made to the left or to the right using the rudder.


Steering column, a mechanical element used by the crew to control the ailerons, flight spoilers and elevators.



Corrosion chemical reaction that causes the gradual destruction of the metal surface during its oxidation or chemical degradation.


Hood, a removable housing around sections of the engine to access the engine components.

Fan Cowl

Hood fan - a casing around the fan section.

Nose cowl

Front hood - the front section of the nacelle for air inlet to the engine.

Side cowl

SIDE HOOD - housing with outboard engine.

Thrust Reverser Cowl

HOOD MECHANISM reverse thrust - a casing around the inner section

Translating Cowl

Transferable HOOD - movable outer part of cowl reverse thrust mechanism, which operates during the use of reverse thrust.

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