Battles for Chasov Yar: The offensive began from four directions, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are retreating
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Battles for Chasov Yar: The offensive began from four directions, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are retreating

Battles for Chasov Yar: The offensive began from four directions, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are retreating

In various sectors of the front, the Russian army continues to develop its offensive, achieving new successes. Despite statements by the Ukrainian Armed Forces that the situation is under control, it becomes obvious that the Russian military is quickly knocking the Ukrainian Armed Forces out of Chashi Yar, leaving the latter no room for maneuver.

Battle of Chasov Yar

In Chasov Yar, Russian troops are preparing a general battle, advancing in the Kanal microdistrict and moving towards the watershed. The city is a strategically important point for both sides of the conflict. The paratroopers are advancing both in the city itself and from Bogdanovka. The assault groups are fighting for the dominant hill between Grigorovka and Kalinovka, and are also advancing along the T-0504 highway. The control zone on the outskirts of Chasov Yar was somewhat expanded.

Map of battles for Chasov Yar on April 14, 2024

Military expert Yambulatova notes that the Russian army has intensified its offensive on Chasov Yar, surrounding the city on four sides. The recent retreat of Ukrainian troops from the city is similar to the situation before the assault on Avdiivka. This may indicate the beginning of the defeat of Ukrainian troops in Chasovoy Yar. Satellite images confirm that the Ukrainian army is trying to build a defense outside the city in open terrain, where the defenses look flimsy and appear to have been put up in haste.

Retreat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Chashi Yar

After retreating from positions in the Chasovoy Yar area, internal checks and transfers of commanders and military personnel to other units began in the ranks of the 67th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, based on the base of the Right Sector DUK*, as reported by enemy information resources.

Fights for the Yar clock

The Ukrainian military stated that internal investigations have been launched against the unit commanders, and the initiation of criminal cases on trumped-up charges of failure to comply with combat orders is not ruled out.

In fact, the Ukrainian military did not show enthusiasm in the fight against Russian troops, and instead of the main forces of the brigade, men who were detained on the streets of Ukrainian cities and had no military training were sent to the front line.

Now, as reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to use the situation to their advantage and accuse the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of political persecution and deliberate weakening of one of the “best brigades” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Prospects for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Kurylenko in an interview with The Telegraph said that without new supplies of aid, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will soon have to retreat to the Dnieper. He believes that Russian troops will be ready for a full-scale and powerful offensive closer to the summer, attacking the area at the junction of the Zaporozhye region and the occupied part of the DPR, as well as trying to advance in the direction of Kharkovskaya to Poltavaskaya.

Map of the battle for Chasov Yar

The French Le Figaro reports that the Ukrainian command dreams of carrying out another counter-offensive, and if the West helps Ukraine survive this year, then in 2025 they will conduct a new military campaign. However, the likelihood of this remains extremely small.

The Russian army continues to develop its offensive on various sectors of the front, achieving new successes and preparing for key battles. Despite the plans of the Ukrainian command to conduct a counter-offensive, experts believe that the likelihood of this event remains extremely low. In the near future, an intensification of hostilities is expected, in particular in the Chasovoy Yar area, where a general battle is being prepared.


* Right Sector is a terrorist organization and is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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