Large Bombardier plans. Return to the design of the new aircraft.
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Large Bombardier plans. Return to the design of the new aircraft.

Large Bombardier plans. Return to the design of the new aircraft.


Bombardier Aircraft Corporation intends to intensify its activities related to the development of aircraft. If the past few years, the company developed exclusively for business aviation sector, about two weeks ago appeared information about the fact that in the coming years may begin to develop passenger aircraft.



Oddly enough it may seem, but the release of new aircraft will most likely begin in Europe, but so far there is no information about which country will be assembled. Experts believe that the supply of the main components for the aircraft will be made by different countries, in particular, Sweden falls under this category, which has been producing small special aircraft for extinguishing fires for several years now, and therefore it will be very easy here to readjust production for all the necessary needs. Moreover, the assembly of new passenger aircraft may be deployed on the territory of Sweden itself, in the city of Vasteras, located 110 kilometers from the capital, but at the moment this information has not been confirmed, but has not been refuted either.



Bombardier Inc. According to the expert intends to begin issuing 100 - 120-local passenger aircraft, which will have to compete with other aircrafts of this class, however, they will be sold at a lower price that will attract the attention of potential buyers.

There are several key points which will seek Aircraft Corporation Bombardier:

  • Low cost of production;
  • Operational efficiency in the performance of both small and fairly lengthy air travel.


Initially it was assumed that the aircraft will be equipped with various equipment for fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, but it is likely to lead to a rise in the cost of the project and as a result - reduce the attractiveness among customers.

Unfortunately, to date the information surrounding the new aircraft is very hush-hush, but it is possible that by the end of this year, the company decides to lift the curtain of mystery, and will introduce a new aircraft, at least in conceptual form, in order to attract the necessary investment and capital.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for

And why Russia does not produce new models and on their own, because the Japanese buy Tu-114, and IL-96 killed one passenger is not, fortunately. Superjet is good, but small, and only on international flights.