Bombardier Global Express. Models. A photo. Characteristics
Bombardier Global Express. Models. A photo. Characteristics

Bombardier global express

Bombardier Global Express is an administrative long-haul large aircraft, which is manufactured by BombardierAerospace at the airline plant of Toronto. Currently available in three models: Global Express, Global 5000 and Global 6000. Global Express has military variations of Raytheon Sentinel and E11A. Global Express without refueling can overcome intercontinental distances on routes such as Tokyo - New York and connect any two cities of the planet with one refueling. Global Express competitors are Airbus A319 ACJ, Boeing Business Jet and Gulfstream G500 / G550.

Bombardier Global Express cabin

Bombardier Global Express cabin

Aircraft design began in the year 1991; The program was officially launched on 1993. The first take-off took place on 13.10.1996.

Global Express has a common length and cross-section of the fuselage with the Bombardier CRJ, but despite the similarities, the two aircraft differ significantly from each other, as they are intended for different operating conditions. Global Express is equipped with a completely redesigned wing with a supercritical profile, sweeping 35 degrees and winglets, as well as a new tail T-shaped tail. Mounted on the plane are Rolls Royce BR700 turbofan engines equipped with a FADEC system. The glass cockpit is equipped with a Honeywell Primus 2000XP flight navigation system with six LCD displays and custom-made collimator screens.

Bombardier Global Express option interior

Bombardier Global Express option interior

Global Express was announced by 28.10.1991 at the NBAA conference. In September, 1992 presented a full-size business jet cabin layout at the NBAA conference. The concept study was launched at the beginning of 1993, the program was officially launched by 20.12.1993. The high-speed version of the aircraft is approved in June 199; In August, the low-speed version was approved.

Bombardier Global Express option interior

Bombardier Global Express option interior 2

Three subsidiaries of Bombardier are responsible for the three parts of the project: Canadair is the main designer and manufactures the nose of the aircraft; Short Brothers is responsible for the production and development of the nacelle, front fuselage and horizontal stabilizers; de Havilland Canada builds a vertical stabilizer, the back of the fuselage, and assembles the entire aircraft. The largest foreign partner is the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is responsible for the production of the center section and wings.

Global 5000

Global 5000

Global 5000 (internal index BD7001A11) was designed on the basis of the GlobalExpress model, has a shorter fuselage on the 81,3 and shorter range by 2200 km. The model places up to 19 passengers.

Airplanes in Toronto gather on the line, where GlobalExpressXRS, and then unpainted in Saokiya, Montreal, Savannah fly for the final assembly.

First Global5000 in the air rose 7.03.2003. During the first flight were tested major systems, flight characteristics and controllability of the aircraft. In June 2003 Global5000 was first shown at the air show in LeBurzhe.

Global5000 can fly at about 9300km 850km / h speed without refueling.

Global 6000

Global 6000

Global6000 (previously known as GlobalXRS) is the best variation of the initial model. The plane has great speed, increased range, improved lighting and cabin layout. The increase in range is achieved by installing an additional tank on the 674kg. fuel in the main part of the wing. The first GlobalExpressXRS was delivered to the customer at the beginning of 2006. The price of the aircraft is approximately 45,5 million dollars.


  • Global Express - the factory designation BD7001A10, the base model.
  • Global Express 6000 - formerly GlobalXRS.
  • Global Express 5000 is the factory designation BD7001A11.
  • Raytheon Sentinel R1 - Raytheon reconnaissance aircraft based on Bombardier.
  • The E11A is a US-based aircraft on the GlobalExpress.


  • Botswana.
  • Germany.
  • Malaysia.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Swaziland.
  • USA.
  • Mexico.
  • India.

Features Global Express aircraft:

  • Crew: 2-3pilota.
  • Passenger: 8VIP, 19ekonom.
  • Load capacity (at the highest filling): 850kg.
  • Length: 29,5m.
  • Height: 7,7m.
  • Empty weight: 23061kg.
  • Weight of the equipped: 25401kg.
  • The highest take-off weight: 41957kg.
  • Weight of fuel in internal tanks: 17804kg.
  • Engines: 2 × pump RollsRoyceBR700.
  • Link: 2 × 65,6kN.
  • Maximum speed: 950km / h.
  • Cruising speed: 904km / h.
  • Practical range: 9360km.
  • Ceiling: 15000m.
  • the run length: 1689m.
  • path length: 814m.

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Cost of Global Aircraft 6000 545 hours with raids from the beginning of the operation and the engine starts 244 40 000 000 amount to US dollars. This aircraft will be guaranteed on the fuselage to 2023 years.