Bombardier and its new projects.
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Bombardier and its new projects.

Bombardier and its new projects.


Bombardier Aircraft Corporation plans to reduce the number of aircraft produced by Global 5000 and 6000 because of the more popular demand for other aircraft. As President of Bombardier and he is CEO Alain Bellemar, reduced production volumes will not affect orders this year, but in the future, the program will release these aircraft will be reduced by about 10-15%.



President Aircraft Corporation Bombardier said that this decision was taken primarily to increase the amount of the issue of aircraft C-Series and LearJet, which are more in demand at the moment, however, the world's experts believe that the company intends to send freed forces to manufacture a new type of aircraft rather, the creation of his new project, which portal already reported a few weeks ago.



In addition, in the near future it is expected to start producing airplanes Bombardier Global 7000 and Bombardier Global 8000, which should begin to be produced commercially in the next year, and will be no less than other planes vostrebvoannymi business class of the aircraft manufacturer.

Nowadays things have Aircraft Bombardier's going very well, in particular, in just three months of this year the company supplied its customers 45 aircraft business class and likely management of the corporation does not intend to stop there, in connection with which the work is underway to prepare for mass production models of Bombardier Global 7000 and Bombardier Global 8000, and designing new aircraft.

Whatever it was, Bombardier is active in the market of aviation struggle, trying to find new business partners and to introduce modern technology, and it is possible in a few years will significantly improve their performance in this regard.


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