Bombardier struggle. Confrontation with Boeing and Airbus.
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Bombardier struggle. Confrontation with Boeing and Airbus.

Bombardier struggle. Confrontation with Boeing and Airbus.


Today, there are two world's largest aircraft manufacturer - Boeing and Airbus, however, held in the current air show at Le Bourget, the head of another aircraft manufacturer, Bombardier Aerospace, during a press conference that the planned previously to release air Court of Justice Bombardier CS 100 и Bombardier CS 300Thanks to improvements conducted by the technical characteristics can confidently compete with the major aircraft manufacturers planes planet.



The first thing to look out for is more than 10% fuel economy, compared to existing passenger airliners from Airbus and Boeing. As noted, this amazing result was achieved by easing the design of a passenger aircraft, and it should be emphasized that this factor is one of the most important for all air carriers of the world - the aircraft itself can cost much more, but reduced fuel consumption for several years will pay back Almost any overpayments. The second factor in the success of new passenger airliners, in particular, is the Bombardier CS 300 model, is practically the same capacity of these aircraft in comparison with the capacity Airbus A320. Given the fact that the possibility of overcoming the various distances from Bombardier CS 300 and Airbus A320 almost equal - flight range Bombardier CS 300 is 6100 kilometers, and from Airbus, the figure is 6150 kilometers, future customers will certainly pay attention to the low cost of the aircraft from the Corporation Bombardier Aerospace, moreover savings in this case is quite substantial, and tens of millions of dollars.



Skeptics, in turn, noted that from Airbus also has a very good factor - proven reliability and innovative brand, but it is fair to say that this is only a temporary phenomenon, and within 2-3 years, new planes Bombardier CS 300 will actively oppose airliners from Airbus, not everyone, but among the most popular.



Will new passenger airliners from Bombardier Aerospace also confront and latest developments from Boieng. This, first of all, should include the newest Boeing 737 MAX, which gives Bombardier CS 100 and Bombardier CS 300 both in terms of passenger capacity and fuel economy, and in terms of value. If the estimated list price of a new Boeing 737 MAX is about 87,7 million. Dollars, the purchase of Bombardier CS 300 will cost future owners in 62 million. Dollars, thus, experts stress that further maintenance of aircraft Bombardier will do on 10-15% cheaper that as more profitable.

It is possible that because of its brand new aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace company can become the third largest competitor in the field of aviation, but to talk about it yet extremely early.


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