Fighting aviadeboshirstvom. Improving the system of law and order in civil aviation.
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Fighting aviadeboshirstvom. Prevention of offenses in airplanes.

Fighting aviadeboshirstvom. Prevention of offenses in airplanes.


Civil aviation Russia is developing successfully, however, the success of further development is in doubt due to the fact that from year to year, the number of cases of hooliganism and drunkenness aboard passenger aircraft is growing steadily. According to official data, during the first half of the year 2015, 459 cases registered aviadeboshirstva that respectively indicate that, according to average estimates that the day takes place at least 2 wrongful act, and it really is a lot.



Already for about a year the government of the country has been puzzled by the problem of airbagship, and if it can not be completely eliminated, at least one can try to minimize this harmful factor. At the moment, various rules are being developed, in particular, concerning the prohibition on the use of alcohol on board aircraft, "black lists" are being created that forbid future rascals to use the services of certain air carriers, etc. It is not excluded that in part these measures influenced the order on board passenger airliners, since for the first half of 2015, the number of offenses decreased by 16%, however, it is still too early to draw any conclusions, and therefore it is necessary to continue working on improving the rules for Prevention of cases of violations in air transport.



In connection with the acute situation, one of the most effective solutions may be the establishment of a ban on alcohol consumption at the country's airports, which will naturally reduce the quality of service, but at the same time will lead to a decrease in the incidence of air brassiness on passenger flights. Considering the fact that the majority of offenses committed on board passenger planes are due to excessive alcohol consumption, the current method can be quite effective, and according to various experts, it can reduce the number of offenses by 5-7 times, which is a great progress.



In order not to affect the decline in service at the airport, another very effective way to influence the decrease in crime in the area of ​​passenger traffic may be the introduction of criminal liability for offenses on board an aircraft, and, alcohol intoxication should be an aggravating factor - considering this, passengers lyubyschie use the "intoxicating" beverages once again think about what might happen if you still venture to get involved in a conflict with the crew or other passengers.

Whatever it was, but the hard approach to solving this problem will help to minimize the number appearing on the board of domestic air carriers offenses.


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