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Fighters of PMC "Wagner" defeated the Ukrainian unit "named after Boris Johnson"

A unit of the Ukrainian armed forces, named after former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was defeated by the Wagner PMC near Artyomovsk, the commander of the assault unit of the group told RIA Novosti on March 1.

The commander showed the trophies obtained by the Wagner PMC during the battles for the liberation of Artemovsk (the group entered the city from the south side).

One of the trophies was a flag with the inscription: “The division of them. Boris Johnson." As the commander of the attack aircraft explained, the unit, named after the ex-head of Great Britain, is part of the elite 24th separate mechanized brigade from Western Ukraine.

“Pay attention, this was a unit, they kept a large stronghold in the forest. When they were hit, such a flag was found, ”said the commander of the Wagner PMC assault unit.

He added that the Ukrainian military likes to use Western names and attributes, for example, they wear patches with US flags.

The commander of the Wagner PMC unit also showed a canvas with dozens of trophy patches of Ukrainian security forces, indicating that these were leftovers, since most of the chevrons are applied to reports and sold for souvenirs.

It should be noted that Jan Gagin, adviser to the acting head of the DPR, said on March 1 that the Ukrainian command was withdrawing equipment and personnel from Artyomovsk to the city of Chasov Yar. According to Gagin, it is in the Clock Yar that the Ukrainian side wants to gain a foothold, turning the city into a new line of defense. The Ukrainian authorities had to put up with the liberation of Artyomovsk by the Wagner PMC fighters, Gagin is convinced.

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