Bristol Blenheim IVT. Photo. Characteristics.
Bristol Blenheim IVT. Photo. Characteristics.

Bristol Blenheim IVT. Photo. Characteristics.


UK / Canada

A type: twin-engine light bomber and fighter

Crew: three persons

The venerable aircraft "Blenheim» (Blenheim - spaniel) initiative has been the development of "Bristol". Unencumbered by the weight limitations of the aircraft, propulsion, overall design and range of the project team of "Bristol" has created a sleek twin-engine aircraft, known under the designation of the type of 142. The first flight took place in April 12 1935 Filton year.

The flight characteristics of the plane stirred the Royal Air Force when it was discovered that its maximum speed was 48,3 km / h more than the new Gantleh biplane fighter I of Gloucester. The Ministry of Aviation ordered 150 aircraft, which it christened "Blenim", and the first aircraft entered the Royal Air Force in March 1937. By September 1939, most squadrons equipped with Blenim aircraft based in the UK had changed their Mk I to the improved Blenheim Mk IV, which met the requirements of the Ministry of Aviation for a scout with an increased crew and a large range of action. This aircraft was the basis of the Bomber Aviation Command, which relied on Mk IV aircraft during the first combat reconnaissance flights over Germany and the first bombing attacks.

The plane "Blenheim" participated in combat operations around the globe, while remaining in the tactical aviation in North Africa and the Far East to 1943 years. Most were based in the UK aircraft were scrapped after the Victory Day, but a small number of aircraft built in Canada has lived up to 1990-ies. Flies also only one plane, which is owned by the company "Aircraft Restoration Company» (The Aircraft Restoration Company) in Duxford, - the plane "Bolingbroke» (Bolingbroke) IVT.

Basic data


  • Length: 12,98 m
  • Wingspan: 17,17 m
  • Height: 3 m


The weight:

  • BLANK: 4441 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 6532 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 428 km / h
  • Range: 2350 km
  • Powerplant: two engines "Mekyuri» XV of "Bristol"
  • Power: 1350 l. from. (1810 kW)


Date of first flight:

  • April 12, 1935 (Blinim I aircraft)


The surviving airworthy modifications:

  • Bolingbroke IVT