Bristol F.2 Fighter
Bristol F.2 Fighter

Bristol F.2 Fighter



United Kingdom

  • Type: Twin single-engine biplane fighter 

  • Crew: a pilot and gunner


As the development of the aircraft F2A same company «Bristol», F2B «Fighter» (Fighter - Fighter) first entered service on the Western Front in June 1917 years. He immediately encroached on the "scourge" of Royal Air Force - aircraft "Albatross» DIII, because the "new" aircraft benefits from engine "Falcon» III 275 liter capacity. from.

Plane F2B was so effective in combat that the number of pilots who became aces air *, was more than a single-seat fighter. The most outstanding performance - on the plane F2B Lieutenant Andrew McKeever Canadian 11-Squadron in bringing victories 30, 8 of which won observer Lt. LF Powell.


Bristol F.2 Fighter photo

Bristol F.2 Fighter photo


The aircraft was in production until December 1926 years. By this time it was delivered more than 5100 machines. After the war F2B mainly used as a cohesive army and the training with dual controls. He operated in Iraq and in the North-Western Front India to 1931 years. Shuttleworth Collection in the UK is the only flying F2B, although 2000 years to take off the second instance of the British. At least three other aircraft F2B put on static display in museums.

* Since the First World War, an air ace is considered a pilot who has five or more victories. - Approx. ed.



Features Bristol F.2 Fighter:



  • Length: 7,87 m 
  • Wingspan: 11,96 height: 2,97 m


The weight:

  • BLANK: 875 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 1292 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 202 km / h
  • Flight duration: 3 hours 
  • Powerplant: "Falcon» III of "Rolls-Royce"
  • Power: 275 l. from. (205 kW)


Bristol F.2 Fighter Brand

Bristol F.2 Fighter Brand


Date of first flight:

  • October 25, 1916 (modification F2A)


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