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British officer said that for the victory of Kyiv need a "landing in Normandy"

Former British intelligence officer Philip Ingram said that the supply of Western tanks will not seriously change the situation in Ukraine, and a massive allied landing is needed to change it. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

According to Ingram, Russia holds over 100 thousand square meters. km of the territory of Ukraine, and it has another 800 thousand military "on the ground", and to return the Crimea, an operation in the style of "landing in Normandy" is needed. He also noted that many residents of Crimea are pro-Russian and it will take mile after mile to win it back.

Ingram stressed that the Ukrainian counter-offensive would not be successful, and the received Western tanks could not be fully used until June. The front line is huge, and Moscow has 4-6 times more weapons than Kyiv. The officer added that if the logistical chains could not be broken, then it was unlikely that the Russian army would be defeated.

Ingram also expressed concern that in the event of a change of power in the White House, support for Ukraine could weaken. He is convinced that in order to turn the tide in Ukraine, a massive allied landing force is needed, capable of giving an impetus to the Ukrainian troops to the offensive.

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