Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander
Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander

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The Britten Norman Islander (also known as the BN2) is a light aircraft produced by the British aircraft manufacturer Britten Norman. Islander - one of the best-selling aircraft among the models of Western European production. It operates extensively on local short-haul airlines in many countries.


The design of the Islander began in 1963, the first model BN2 made the first flight of the 13.06.1965, the second experimental instance - the 20.08.1966. Both of them were not equipped with such powerful engines as the serial machines. For the first time, the serial Islander took off 24.04.1967.


An improved version BN2A Islander, rose into the air for the first time in 1969. Were improved aerodynamic properties of the car, slightly changed the luggage compartment, the equipment.

Defender, a military version of the Islander, first flew 20.05.1970.

MaritimeDefender, another military option Islander, designed to rescue search services, fisheries and coastal patrols.

Started producing in 1978 subsequent variation, BN2B IslanderII. Improvements also referred noise reduction and increase load capacity. Now you can produce aircraft with a greater length, luggage compartment, the presence of winglets, additional fuel tanks and engines Allison 250B17C. Version with such engines was named BN2T TurbineIslander.

Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander Salon

Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander Salon

Islander was further developed in the BN2A MkIII Trislander, which has a much larger capacity. They extended the fuselage, modified the chassis and added a third engine in the tail. The analog was made from the second experimental sample BN2 and for the first time flew 11.09.1970.

Islander was produced by different plants BrittenNorman. The plane at the end of the 1960-x was made on the Isle of Wight at a factory in Bembridge. Romanian IRMA manufactured aircraft with 1969, SONACA (Belgium). - with 1973. Production was also carried out in the Philippines.

The main operators:




AvionesdePanama SA; AeroTaxi; ANSA; PARSA; AVIATUR; TRANSPASA; AirPanama.



New Zealand

RealJourneys; ChathamsPacificAirlines;





United Kingdom





InterIsland Airways - Samoa;

AmericanSamoaGovernment (ASG) - Samoa;

Interesting Facts

BrittenNorman Islander is used by ChathamsPacific Airlines on the shortest regular airline between Tongatapu and Eua islands in the kingdom of Tonga. The total flight time is between seven and eight minutes (total 40 kilometers).

Britten Norman BN2 Islander features:

Length: 10,86.

Height: 4,18.

Empty weight: 1627kg.

Wing area: 30,2 sq. M.

Wingspan: 14,94.

Cruising speed: 257km / h..

Maximum speed: 273km / h..

Ceiling: 4024m.

Flight range with maximum load: 1400km.

Engines: 2 × Lycoming O540E4C.

Link: 2 × 195kVt.

Crew: 1-2 man /

Number of seats: 9mest.

Maximum takeoff weight: 2994kg.

Rate of climb: 4,9m / s.

Wing loading: 9,78kg / m²

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