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BRM Aero Bristell


15 September I had the opportunity to see for yourself all the virtues of the Czech light aircraft company BRM Aero Bristell. I have long looked closely at this small and elegant aircraft. Bribed it all: smooth, beautiful lines, wide cockpit in which pilots do not have to hustle, thorough and accurate finishing, licked and streamlined fuselage.


From the editor Sergei ANI Araslanova, I learned that we have in St. Petersburg, run by representatives of the official dealer of the company BRM Aero in Russia, the company's "The Aviator." The firm "Aviator" is based in Voronezh, at the airport Barshchou. In Voronezh, the main site under the direction of Yuri Anatolyevich Tsygankov.

Having contacted the St. Petersburg representative office of "The Aviator", I met Eugene S. and Oleg Dmitrievich. They invited me to see the site for flights and to evaluate the aircraft and on the ground and in the air. What I was very happy to admit.

Oleg and Eugene was a real enthusiast, sincerely worried about the state of the small aircraft in our country.

Travellers thoughts

On the way, during conversations with the guys, I again came to mind gloomy thoughts of small aircraft in our country.

Flawed legislation, bureaucracy and corruption, aggressive persecution of the media, all this slows down the development of private and small aircraft. In the spring of this year, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation discussed the prospects of development of small aviation. Who is ready to draft federal law "On the development of small aircraft in the Russian Federation." The law passed examination. True similar happened in previous years, to make laws, but as they say "things are there ..." Well ... let's say, almost.

If you bought a plane (helicopter), it is far does not mean that you are having the pilot's license and fly sit tomorrow. And there is nothing for it you will not. This is not so.

Sun must be registered (that is, derived tail number), the sun should get the certification of airworthiness (SLG). If the aircraft is old (for example, or a retro rarity, which all aircraft now out of production), it must be officially registered in the register GARF like EMU, that is, as an individual copy of the aircraft. And let such instances all over the world fly hundreds or thousands, as the famous "party» Cessna 150, We, in Russia it is the EMU (top insanity, in my opinion).

All that takes money, time, a lot of patience and nerves of steel. Private pilot license, passed the bureaucratic line of defense, no VLEK (medical commission) is not terrible. And this is just the tip of the bureaucratic iceberg.

Notice I did not talk about all sorts of fees and charges. Bend your fingers: the cost of equipment increases on 40-42% at registration at customs, import duty-20%, VAT-18%, declaration, warehousing, payments to brokers still 1-5%. Total safely add to the cost of an airplane or helicopter 80-85% of its value.

The question of an interest-free import of machinery was decided in conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Development RAOPA (Interregional public organization of pilots and citizens-owners of the aircraft) and EAC Commission. But the question had still not been resolved.

And in spite of everything, wanting to fly is not decreasing.

Fuel to the fire pour the ubiquitous media, which skillfully warmed the righteous anger of the public in line with the "Che you see are these fat cats! Not only is buying these pricey planes (possible options), so still and fly where they want and when they want to! "Reporters without delving into the problems illuminate only accidents and disasters in small aircraft, serving" hot "news avid before the bloody news to the public . A relevant supervisory authorities cheerfully warn about the investigation and taken strict measures.

Few people remember that ANI can bring (and brought in the days of the Union) of great benefit to the national economy. Get at least the same AChRs (chemical works). Forest protection, flying in remote areas of the country for different purposes. All works are now largely fulfills the ubiquitous and most mass Mi-8.

Do you know how much there is one hour of flight "eight", which "eats" about 800 expensive liters of kerosene now TC-1? So, one of kerosene, he will spend almost 23000 rubles! And oil, the crew and the payment of parking, maintenance and so on? And if you need to pick up a patient from a remote camp? Ghonim "eight"? And deliver the "gold" of the patient to the hospital.

The same Cessna 150, or 172, depending on the flight mode consumes approximately 23 liters of gasoline per hour.

By the way, Bristell, which will be discussed later, uses (at cruising) general 17 l. AI-95. And at current prices is approximately 650 rubles, well, plus room service, etc.

Of course the patient will not plant it, but it's not just that the aircraft can be engaged AON. Aerial reconnaissance for example, in the interests of forest, water and fisheries. Plant spices in the cockpit and forward.

During Soviet times, the Council of Ministers, without the involvement of the MoD, transferred all production lines on sports, education and other aircraft ANI fraternal CMEA countries (who do not remember, is the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, which included social. Country). So it was that the light aircraft engines and let Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland and East Germany. And now we are reaping the fruits of "foresight" of communist leaders.

Sputnik launch into orbit - please. Fifth-generation fighter - can. A lightweight, economical, comfortable, cheap flight for the people ... but with his engine, it's just not anywhere in our industry.

In general, land is not rich hills Leningrad. Famous Pulkovo Heights, Toksovo-Kavgolovo yes Yuki, that's probably without thinking it.

Having traveled by car to Krasnoye Selo, this is the Lomonosovsky district of the Leningrad region, I noticed that the road is gradually climbing up. We are approaching the village of Retsel, in which the famous ski resort Tuutori Park is located. Picturesque surroundings, clean air. Here is the landing site for Bristell. 

Tuutori Park Resort

Golf 200 meters long enough for him. In the run-up RLE \ mileage total 120 meters.

The weight of the aircraft with fuel about 450 kg, and one person, not particularly straining to roll on the asphalt can plane. Today, pictures of airplane advertising.

BRM Aero Bristell

I have the opportunity to examine it well and take a picture. Impressions from him and from the cabin, the most positive. The equipment package can be very different, from the heaped up displays, to completely habitual "arrows". Long wing or short, engine power from 80 to 120 l. from. Chassis with a bow or tail, retractable or "bast shoes" with a fairing, various screws, all at the discretion of the customer. The diameter of the wheels can be selected depending on the type of operation site. Rescue parachute and autopilot also on request. Convenient armchairs, the widest cabin in this class of aircraft (130 cm!), Allows you not to bang your shoulders in the cockpit and sit very comfortably. In general, it is worth its money.

BRM Aero Bristell cockpit

BRM Aero Bristell seats

And all around beauty. Neat houses in the style of Swiss chalets fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape at the foot of Kirchhoff. No wonder Peter 1 loved to rest here and hunt. All tastefully and thoughtfully.

BRM Aero Bristell wing

Pilot San Sanych his name all respect, the request from the Republic of Poland, gave full throttle. Incidentally ores may be installed at both locations. In this embodiment, just as it was. Fast typing speed "Czech" raised the nose strut, and I did not notice, as we have "podvisli" gaining altitude. Despite the strong wind special "bumpiness" is not felt. The plane "walks" for the handle and is very sensitive to any deviations.

All photos by the author for the article.

pilot of the plane

Having made a circle, we made a pass over the strip, gaining a decent speed. I did not see the devices, having buried in the viewfinder of my Canon. Having made almost a combat turn, we went into the second round. Thanks to the comfortable chair, I was very comfortable at home in front of the TV. Screwing a couple more laps for a review of the area, we landed on the landing. Soft touch and now we are shaking the grass strip. A small “booster” did not prevent San Sanych from smoothly rubbing the plane. 

BRM Aero Bristell off

Although cloudy, almost continuous, drove off the plane continued on a photo shoot. And today his flight day is over.

With such comfort on this Bristell, perhaps you can fly at its maximum radius, and it is almost 8 1600 flight hours and kilometers, and if you drive at a time.

With regret, we left with a beautiful mountain resort, but from an excess of oxygen and impressions sleepy, and the weather turned bad order. The plane is closed, sheathed and placed on a fenced parking lot, waiting for their next passengers.

BRM Aero Bristell plane


Technical characteristics of the airplane:

Wingspan 26,8 ft 26,8 ft
wing area 113 ft2 113 ft2
Wing loading 9,2 lb / sq ft 11,68 lb / sq ft
The length of the plane 21,16 ft
Aircraft height 7,48 ft
Cabin Width 4,2 ft
The weight
Weight without load 639 lb 683 lb
Maximum takeoff weight 1047 lb 1323 lb
Payload 353 lb 639 lb
The volume of fuel tanks 31,7 gal
Cargo space in the fuselage 33 lb
Cargo space in the wings 2 x 44 lb
Provozní násobky + 4 / -2g
Working speed
The speed of landing with flaps 28 knots 32 knots
Landing speed without valves  43 knots 44 knots
Maneuvering speed 89 knots 96 knots
Maximum speed klapkova 75 knots 75 knots
All-out level speed 115 knots 134 knots
full speed 145 knots 155 knots
ROTAX 912 UL 80 Hp
ROTAX 912 ULS 100 Hp
ROTAX 912 is sport 100 Hp

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