He founded the Chinese University (BUAA) in the city of Beijing, which is engaged in rocket and aircraft building. The machine was manufactured after receiving by China several reconnaissance unmanned vehicles of Americans, who conducted reconnaissance in the territory of China at the end of 60-ies of the last century. They were UAVs of AQM-34N model, after careful study of this unit, Chinese designers managed to create their own radio-controlled scout model WZ-5. Work on his own device was started in the 70-ies. The great persistence of the designers allowed to achieve truly high results, due to which in 1978, the WZ-5 UAV was adopted by the Chinese army.

Established machine had excellent flight characteristics and almost as good as the American counterpart. The total length of the unit almost reached 9 meters, and this is when wingspan in 9,7 meters. Take off with full tanks of fuel and related equipment could occur at the maximum weight in 1,7 tons, and it's not so little. In addition, the machine could go up to a height of 17,5 kilometers and reach speeds of flight 800 km / h. All this is made possible by using al powerful powerplant, which is represented by a single turbojet-engine capacity in 8,3 kN.

The main task of the device is to perform aerial photography and reconnaissance of enemy positions from the air. For the high-quality performance of the tasks assigned, the machine was equipped with IR sensors and cameras for shooting. The launch of the apparatus is carried out with the help of a carrier aircraft, which is the Y-8E model. The first military use was made in 1979 during the conflict between Vietnam and China. Currently, the WZ-5 unmanned vehicle continues to be operated by the Chinese army. 

BUAA WZ-5. Characteristics:

Modification   WZ-5
Wingspan, m   9.76
Length m   8.97
Height, m   2.18
Weight, kg  
  empty   1060
  fuel   620
  Payload   65
  maximum take-off   1700
engine's type   1 TRD WP-11
Thrust, kN   X 1 8.33
Maximum speed km / h   800
Range, km   2500
Flight duration, h   3
Practical ceiling, m   17500


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