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They will be destroyed instantly: Russia warned about the danger of F-16

They will be destroyed instantly: Russia warned about the danger of F-16

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made another statement expressing concern about the expected appearance of American-made F-16 multirole aircraft in Ukraine. In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized that any F-16 in Ukraine will be considered a carrier of nuclear weapons.

Threat to Russia

According to the statement, F-16 aircraft are dual-equipped platforms - non-nuclear and nuclear. For many years, these aircraft formed the basis of the aircraft fleet, which is used in the so-called “joint nuclear missions” of NATO. In this regard, the Russian side cannot ignore the fact that the supply of F-16s to Ukraine can be regarded as a deliberate provocation on the part of the United States and NATO.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly expressed concern about the build-up of NATO's military presence near Russia's borders, including in Ukraine. According to the Russian side, this could lead to a further increase in tension in the region and destabilization of the situation.

Russia's tough response

In its statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry also noted that any actions that could threaten the security of Russia will be regarded as a provocation and will cause a tough response. Russia calls on the United States and NATO to take a responsible approach to security issues in the region and to stop any actions that could lead to an escalation of tensions.

The statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry caused a stir in the world media and raised concerns among security experts. However, exactly how Russia intends to react to the appearance of F-16 fighters is not specified, since we are definitely not talking about the defeat of these aircraft on the airfields of NATO countries, even if it is established that it is from their territory that the aircraft are moving to the territory of Ukraine.

However, we may be talking about carrying out large-scale strikes on airfields on Ukrainian territory in order to eliminate such a threat.

Arrival of F-16 in Ukraine

As for the arrival of F-16 fighters on the territory of Ukraine, it is known that this will happen within the next 3-4 weeks. Unofficially, sources familiar with the situation claim that the fighters are already in underground storage facilities in Western Ukraine, but will not be used without air defense systems capable of covering them.

A fairly serious threat is that the fighters will be equipped with long-range AMRAAM missiles, with a range of up to 160 kilometers, which allows the Ukrainian Armed Forces to attack air targets in almost the entire territory of new regions of Russia.

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