The plane "Shelves" - Biplane
The plane "Shelves" - Biplane

The plane "Shelves" - Biplane


If you ask an ordinary person a question: "How many wings of the aircraft?", Then most will sound one answer: "Two." And it is a huge mistake. The main thing you should understand that 2 projection sides of the fuselage - it is not two separate wings, and one wing of the console.


Most of the current aircraft have one pair of consoles. This reduces the weight and makes the car more agile air. However, it was not always. This type of aircraft called monoplane. But this is only a branch of a global aircraft. Before the advent of a large number of monoplane design the biplane, and even multileveledness triplanov. All of them are often referred to as planes shelves because of the location of the wings.


The biplane is a plane with two wings mounted one above the other. In some cases, biplanes with small wings shifts relative to each other were encountered. In different countries, these planes were designed differently, but in one way or another they were divided into biplanes and half-planes themselves. The half-planar, in contrast to the conventional biplane, had a lower wing area much smaller than that of the upper wing. It should be noted that most of the early aircraft built were biplanes. The first plane, which first climbed into the air, in 1903 was "Flyer-1". And in the USSR - AN-2 or more often recalled as "corn-cob".


Triplane is a plane with three wings, arranged one above the other in the form of shelves. They did not have to bear and shifts. Basically most triplanov built for combat use in World War I (Germany and England). The first triplane called «Sopwith Triplane». It was created to enhance the review of the pilot while maintaining the agility and speed.


The first triplane was designed in 1916 year - "Sopwith Triplane". It was after its design that virtually all German and Hungarian airlines began to build such aircraft. But as history has shown, only "Fokker Dr. 1 "could really demonstrate the advantages of the triplane. In total, no more than 500 units were designed for the entire history of these. But the history and savvy of people moved further and further. Thus, in the intervals created monoplanes and poly-plans - the very first multi-plans (a bicycle with wings). This aircraft with a large number of wings, at least, exceeded three wings. There were a lot of similar projects. Most of them could not get away from the ground.