CASA C-212 Aviocar. Specifications. A photo.
CASA C-212 Aviocar. Specifications. A photo.

CASA C-212 Aviocar. Specifications. A photo.


CASA C-212 Aviocar - turboprop aircraft short takeoff and landing, developed and manufactured by the Spanish aircraft manufacturer «Construcciones Aeronauticas SA» (CASA) in the early 70-ies.


Photo CASA C-212 Aviocar


Development of the aircraft CASA C-212 Aviocar conducted initially exclusively for military purposes - was supposed to conduct operation of these aircraft as a transport aircraft, but later, with the advent of the modified version, the plane began to actively operate in the civil aviation, including for purposes of osuschestvelniya of passenger and freight transport.

The first work on the design of the aircraft CASA C-212 Aviocar became the lead at the end of 60-ies of the last century, and in March 1971 years, the aircraft made its first flight. However, on a number of technical problems in mass production model of CASA C-212 Aviocar not immediately entered as required completion design of the aircraft, and therefore, the assembly line the first plane came down only 1974 year.


CASA C-212 Aviocar photo


The aircraft CASA C-212 Aviocar equipped with two turboprop aircraft engines Garrett AiResearch TPE-331-10R-513C (depending on the current version), the ability to develop the total power in 1800 hp, which in turn provides a high take-off weight, and the ability to transport on board a large amount of cargo. However, the maximum flight speed of the aircraft CASA C-212 Aviocar severely limited, and is about 370 km \ h. (depending on the modification and operated power plant).

Depending on the modifications and special purpose aircraft on board can accommodate up to 26 passengers, thus, the aircraft itself able to overcome the distance to 1800 kilometers, which allows its use on routes of local and regional importance.

The aircraft CASA C-212 Aviocar has very low reliability - during the period from 1983 years of 2014 years, was officially recorded 27 incidents, the victims were 612 people, which is likely in the near future could lead to the revocation of a license to operate these aircraft devices because of deficiencies in their design.


cockpit CASA C-212 Aviocar


All the production model aircraft CASA C-212 Aviocar, was built a few series, and their member versions of aircraft, among which are:

  • CASA C-212A Aviocar - First production version, focused on the Spanish Air Force. Built 192 aircraft;
  • CASA C-212AV Aviocar - Analogue of the main production version, equipped with an improved interior design;
  • CASA C-212B Aviocar - Version of the aircraft, reconnaissance and aerial photography area;
  • CASA C-212C Aviocar - Civil modification designed to carry passengers 20;
  • CASA C-212D Aviocar - A special military version;
  • CASA NC-212-100 Aviocar - Licensed version, manufactured by the Indonesian Aircraft Corporation;
  • CASA C-212 Aviocar Series 200M - The military version with the increased length of the fuselage;
  • CASA NC-212-200 Aviocar - Licensed version, an analog modified CASA C-212 Aviocar Series 200M, manufactured in Indonesia;
  • CASA NC-212-200 MPA - Licensed version, manufactured by Indonesian aircraft manufacturer for the Indonesian Air Force, as the air means for maritime patrol;
  • CASA C-212-M Aviocar Series 300 - Modification of the military, equipped with new, more powerful power plant, and a number of technical improvements;
  • CASA C-212 Aviocar Series 300 Airliner - Civil 26-seat version of the aircraft;
  • CASA C-212 Aviocar Series 300 Utility - 23 seater version of a civilian aircraft;
  • CASA C-212 Aviocar Series 300P - a civilian version, an analogue of the CASA C-212 Aviocar Series 300 Utility modification, equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65 turboprop aircraft engines.


Production of model airplanes CASA C-212 Aviocar conducted and at present, however, due to lack of sufficient number of orders, the release of the model can be terminated to 2017 year.


Specifications CASA C-212 Aviocar.


  • Crew: 2 person;
  • Passenger: 26 people (depending on version);
  • aircraft Length: 16,2 m (depending on version).
  • Wingspan: 20,28 m (depending on version).
  • Plane Height: 6,3 m (depending on version).
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 3780 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Payload: 3920 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 7700 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Cruising speed: 300 km \ h. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight speed: 370 km \ h. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight distance: 1811 km. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight height: 7925 m .;
  • aircraft engine Type: Turboprop;
  • Powerplant: 2 × Garrett AiResearch TPE-331 (depending on version);
  • Power: 2 × 900 hp (Depending on modification).


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