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There are many different interests, and everyone chooses something for everyone. The main thing that has been such an opportunity. In the Soviet Union, and a private car was often a limit of dreams for many, but now a small private plane becomes a very real thing. Russia - a vast country, which is full of goreizvestnyh roads. A plane is flying, where it is necessary, and on any road is independent. In many regions of the Russian Federation small aircraft it is almost the only alternative means of communication between settlements. Of great importance is such aircraft and business development.

But the main reason that private aviation is experiencing a boom of today - the eternal desire of man to climb alone into the sky like a bird, and to feel the freedom of flight. Europeans and Americans have long since fly. Their difficult than a surprise. We have the same scope of private aviation is only developing, but very fast.

Nothing strange about that on the Internet there are dozens, hundreds of websites about aviation, a platform for dialogue amateur pilots. Unfortunately, many of these resources are losing narrowly on the supersaturation and technical information, but still represented in the "hard to swallow" for a common man. There will come a visitor weary after five minutes and leave. The popular will Aviation website, which make for people - to inspire them, to interest. can rightly be considered, namely the national portal: there is always something to read and see. Site creators have worked on glory. For example, where in one place you will find much relevant background material? Wonderful section "Aircraft" visually acquaint visitors with the different models of aircraft ships.

There is a similar section from a helicopter. On the site you can always find fresh, interesting news and more. Separately allocated opinion articles and blogs in which we interact with experts in the field of flight and aircraft. Also have a complete reference of airports and airlines in the world, which only can be found online ... even order tickets via the website can.