C.Craft EYRIE Mk.7
C.Craft EYRIE Mk.7

C.Craft EYRIE Mk.7

Eyrie Mk.7 - is an unmanned aerial vehicle, which was created by the Austrian company C.Craft Wozlmayer GmbH. It was developed in close cooperation with the corporation National Dynamics in South Africa. The first copy of the Eyrie Mk.1 was first raised in the air in 1980. In the early 90-ies. Austrian company C.Craft bought a license for the serial modification of the UAV Eyrie Mk.3. Several modifications were made, including the installation of a new chassis, replacement of the engine with the Rotax 912 UL, equipping the propeller with a protective ring, upgrading the landing and take-off system, and installing an Austrian control system from the ground.

Intelligence UAV equipment consists of a mini-panoramic camera, infrared sensors and TV cameras with zoom. Installation of the equipment is made in the bow of the drone. UAV Start the hydraulic / pneumatic launcher or directly by the take-off Eyrie Mk.7 with short runways.

C.Craft EYRIE Mk.7 . Characteristics:

Modification   Eyrie Mk.7
Wingspan, m   5.03
Length m   3.81
Height, m   1.77
Weight, kg  
  empty   105
  maximum take-off   225
  Fuel   45 – 65
engine's type   1 PD Rotax 912 UL
Power, hp   X 1 80
Maximum speed km / h   310
Cruising speed, km / h   272
Radius of action, km   60
Flight duration, h   15


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