Cessna 404 Titan
Cessna 404 Titan

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26.02.1975 years in the company "Cessna" povilsya twin-engined prototype of the new aircraft Model404, later named Titan. Regular deliveries began in 1976 year. The new type was outwardly similar to motors fitted with turboprop aircraft Conquest. The general difference between the two aircraft was a stabilizer with a large angle of the cross V. Initially, there were two variations: Titan Ambassador passenger made from different variants of interior decoration interior, and a multitasking version of Titan Courier to courier service or to carry ten passengers.

In 1982 it was proposed seven options Titan Ambassador, Titan AmbassadorII and Titan AmbassadorIII. They had extra equipment complexes. Variation Titan Courier II was equipped with the same instrumentation equipment that AmbassadorII. Available as variation TitanFreighter and TitanFreighterII a similar instrument bundle. TitanFreighter was a cargo variant with impact-resistant finish interior decoration of polycarbonate to protect against damage to the fuselage to replace a load.

Salon Cessna 404 Titan

Cessna 404 Titan Salon

By the time Titan production ceased (1982 year), 378 aircraft were sold.

The Cessna404 Titan multipurpose lightweight aircraft (Cessna404 Titan) was designed in the USA in the 1970's and is a development of the smaller Cessna 402. Serial production of the aircraft continued in the period 1976-1982 years., Built 378 copies.

Cessna404 produced in the passenger variations TitanAmbassador, cargo-passenger convertible TitanCourier and cargo TitanFreighter.

Airlines operating the airplane: Salmon Air, RVL Aviation, Vincent Aviation.

Features Cessna 404 Titan:

Length: 12.04m.

Height: 4.04.

Empty weight: 2192kg.

Wingspan: 14.23.

Wing area: 22.50kv.m.

Maximum speed: 430km / h..

Cruising speed: 402km./h.

Ceiling: 7925m.

Flight range with maximum load: 3410km.

Engines: 2hPD ContinentalGTSIO520M.

Link: 2h375l.s.

Crew: 2cheloveka.

Number of seats: 8mest.

Maximum takeoff weight: 3810kg.

Economical speed: 302km / h.

Maximum rate of climb: 591 / min.

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