Cessna O-2 Super Skymaster. Photo. Characteristics.
Cessna O-2 Super Skymaster. Photo. Characteristics.

Cessna O-2 Super Skymaster. Photo. Characteristics.


A type: Twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft and the aircraft advanced aviation management with high-wing

Crew: The pilot and the observer or passenger, side by side

Although the war in Vietnam for a modest airplane 0-1 was the "finest hour" in the US Air Force, it also highlighted the need for more advanced new aircraft Aviation Administration, which has not only a high-speed flight, but also increased the amount of armament. And again company "Cessna" provided a solution in the form of a special "militarized" model aircraft modification 337 «Skymaster» (Skymaster- heavenly Master), known as "Super Skymaster» 0-2 (Super Skymaster - heaven supermaster).

Unique scheme of "push-pull" from their same civil aircraft gave 0-2 characteristics and reliability of the twin-engine plane and allowed the US Air Force to establish a special aircraft heavy military radio equipment and four suspension points under the wing. Subsequent improvements to meet the challenges of advanced command Aviation Administration related to the addition of the windows in the fuselage for the observer in the right seat. Unfortunately, these improvements have not spread to install the protection of the crew in the form of armor plates, which are also on the plane did not have enough 0-1.

Following the placement of 29 December 1966 order in the US Air Force, more than 350 0-2 aircraft were hurriedly delivered, which became a temporary replacement for the 0-1 until a special 0V-10 aircraft, Bronco, North American. " In addition to using it as an aircraft for advanced aviation control, the aircraft was also produced in the Bravo modification to conduct psychological warfare by spreading leaflets and radio broadcasts in favor of the government of South Vietnam using an 600 W amplifier. After taking off the aircraft from service in the US Air Force "militarized" aircraft, the 337 model can still be found in military service around the globe.

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 320 km / h
  • Range: 1706 km


  • Length: 9,07 m
  • Wingspan: 11,58 m
  • Height: 2,84 m

The weight:

  • BLANK: 1292 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 2449 kg

Power point: two engines 10 360S / D of "Teledyne-Continental" Power: 420 l. from. (314 kW)

Date of first flight:

  • March 30 1964 years (plane "Super Skymaster")

The surviving airworthy modifications: 0-2A / B and model 337