Chalmers Gudlin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.
Chalmers Gudlin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.

Chalmers Gudlin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.



Chalmers was born in the US, 17 years became a pilot. In 1941 he joined the Royal Canadian Air ForceNourishing hope to take part in "Battle of Britain. "But he was in England, the only 1942

Gudlin the end of 1948 went to war in Israel. In 1948 he was flying low. But to satisfy his passion, flying Piper cabhunting jackals in the desert with a .45 caliber Colt.

January 7 with McElroy, he participated in a large-scale air battles of the war. His opponents were colleagues from the RAF.

Chalmers Gudlin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 1


British 7 January sent four Spitfires on exploration. Whatever happens next, it was bad luck for them a nightmare. The British knew that the truce takes effect in 16.00, and that of the Egyptian border, near Rafa fighting continues. For 15 minutes before the approach of the British Spitfires 5 REAF made an attack on an Israeli convoy and managed to set fire to the truck 3. The British declined to consider and take a picture of the broken column.

The infantry, seeing the low-flying Spitfires, opened fire, taking them for the Egyptian. One plane was shot down, the second was damaged. At that time, there were Israeli fighter - John McElroy and Chalmers Gudlin. Israeli pilots have decided that it is an attack on the convoy and piled on top RAF fighter.

McElroy knocked 2 fighter. Chalmers Gudlin knocked out the latter. A British pilot was killed, three others managed to jump with a parachute. Two of them were captured by the Israelis, and the third managed to get to her.

Chalmers Gudlin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 2


A day later, pilots of 101 Squadron sent a telegram to the headquarters of 208 Squadron RAF. It was as follows: "We sincerely apologize for yesterday, but you fought on the wrong side. We will be glad to see you, someday we will drink together. You will be surprised to see many familiar faces. 101st Squadron of the Israeli Air Force."

After the war Gudlin a few months left in Israel. He flew on commercial airlines. He noted in the operation for the transfer of Jews from Iraq to Israel.



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