Chartered aircraft. What is a charter flight?
Chartered aircraft. What is a charter flight?

Chartered aircraft. What is a charter flight? What is the Charter?

Chartered aircraft - this is a service that may be of interest to many travelers. It can be assigned at any time, the airline provides charter flights. Today, charter flights are one-off, approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Charter (Eng. Charter - charter a ship) - a flight on a special request for the transport of passengers on a given route in advance at the agreed time.

Many tour operators effectively using charter flights, buying tickets for a variety of resorts and sold them with a good discount. Especially popular are charter flights during the holiday season. Tour operators are buying tickets many months in advance, which is certainly very profitable for airlines.

What is a charter plane

What is a charter plane and why it is beneficial to airlines

Any airline providing charter plane tour operator or an organization working in the segment of business aviation, saves money on advertising tickets. However, charter flights are almost never idle, which is also a positive effect on the income of airlines.

What are charter flights?

Depending on the final application, charter aircraft can be divided into different types. For example, you can select these types of charters:

  • Sports charter - organized flights for the fans;
  • Tourist charter - organized by the intermediary or by the tour operator in resort areas;
  • cargo charter - used for transporting bulky cargo. The schedule determines the customer himself;
  • Medical charter - organized in emergency situations and in other ad hoc basis. The aircraft has a medical equipment.

Aircraft, price, service

It is worth noting that for charter flights use different aircraft models. All depends directly on the specific wishes of the customer. The most popular models for such shipments are TU-134, TU-154, Yak-42, Boeng. When making a charter flight service can be of different classes: VIP or standard.

Certainly, the cost of the charter flight is much cheaper than tickets for regular flights. But there are also negative aspects, which have to face the passengers of charter flights from tour operators. For example, we should not forget that in most cases, a ticket for this flight is issued two hours before the departure directly. And you need to pay attention to flights were on both sides. You may be given only one ticket, but then from the tour operator must be a letter of guarantee that the airport departure you will be given a second ticket.

What is the Charter

There is another similar thing: the passengers are served by charter aircraft in the last turn, so before the flight reserved by patience. And do pleases the idea that you will save on this flight of three hundred dollars. But this only applies to a charter flight provided by a tour operator. In that case, if the charter aircraft owned business aircraft, it provides the entire aircraft to its customers and provides additional services (VIP meals, Flight Manager, flight attendants, etc.).

Nowadays almost every tourist package has a charter flight payment. This service is very convenient for travelers, as they do not have to worry about how to get to the place of rest. When buying a charter ticket, you should understand that such a ticket will not be returned, even if you suddenly decide to cancel your trip. There is also a separate type of such flights - "slop". Their main difference is that the aircraft, as a rule, is used for short-term tours and awaits passengers at the place of arrival. Usually such flights are used on holidays or weekends.

So you have got acquainted with the fact that such a charter plane and what features it has.

Aircraft airlines

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