Checker is a multipurpose UAV developed by the American company Northrop. The main purpose is to use the type of target. To do this, the UAV was equipped with a Williams turbojet engine with a thrust of up to 82 kgf. When taking off, the unmanned vehicle uses two jet accelerators, which are suspended under the wings. As a control method, a standard radio command set was installed. In addition to the US Air Force, several copies of this drones were operated by the Israeli Air Force during the Yon Kippur War. The command assigned them the designation Telem. They were used to identify air defense objects, which is why Telem was equipped with cameras. After the end of the war, the UAVs underwent a course of deep modernization, and the cameras were replaced with video cameras.

Checker has small size, wingspan was 1,76 m, and the length of the entire apparatus does not exceed m 3,80. This takeoff weight drone was sufficiently sensitive (223 kg). This UAV can fly more than three thousand kilometers at a speed of 927 km / h, and the service ceiling greater than 4 km.

Checker. Characteristics:

Modification   Checker
Wingspan, m   1.76
Length m   3.80
Height, m   0.71
Wing area, m2   4.20
Weight, kg  
  empty   106
  takeoff   223
engine's type   1 TRD Williams
Thrust, kgf   X 1 82
Maximum speed km / h   927
Flight distance, km   3200
Practical ceiling, m   4050


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