CSA-Czech air line
CSA-Czech air line

CSA Czech-air line (CSA-Czech Airlines). Official site.

Basic data CSA-Czech Airlines Airlines:

  • Airlines Country: Czech Republic.
  • National Aviation Company of the Czech Republic.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1923.
  • IATA airline code: OK.
  • ICAO airline code: CSA.
  • Airlines is a member of the Alliance: SkyTeam.

CSA – Czech Airlines (CSA-Czech Airlines). Official site: www.czechairlines.com

CSA Czech-air line (CSA-Czech Airlines). Official site/

CSA Czech-air line (CSA-Czech Airlines). Official sayt.2

Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Prague Vaclav Havel, Bratislava MiroslavShtefanik.
  • The mailing address of the airline: BuildingAPCStreet, JanaKaspara1AirportRuzyne, 16008Prague, CzechRepublic.
  • City Airline Phone: + 420220561993.
  • Airlines Fax: + 420220562266.
  • E-mail Airlines: secretary@csa.cz.
  • The mailing address of the Russian representation of airlines: 125047, Moscow, ul.3 th Tverskaya-d.31 / 35.
  • City Phone Russian representation of airlines: + 74999731847.
  • Email Russian representation of airlines: mow@czechairlines.com.
  • Domestic flights airlines: Karlovy Vary, Brno, Prague, Ostrava.
  • In the CIS countries airlines flights: Yerevan, Yekaterinburg, Minsk, Kiev, Samara, Moscow, St. Petersburg.
  • International flights: Athens, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Basel, Belgrade, Beirut, Birmingham, Berlin, Bratislava, Bologna, Budapest, Brussels, Warsaw, Bucharest, Venice, Vienna, Hamburg, Vilnius, Harrisburg, Hannover, Dublin, Dubai, Zagreb, Dusseldorf, Cairo, Zilina, Colombo, Cologne, Cork, Copenhagen, Krakow, Kosice, Las Vegas, Lamaka, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Luxembourg, Marseille, Manchester, Montreal, Milan, New York, Munich, Paris, Oslo, Rome, Riga, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Silak, St. Louis, Sofia, Skopje, Istanbul, Split, Tallinn, Stockholm, Toronto, Tel- Aviv, Helsinki, Frankfurt Maine, Zurich, Cincinnati, Edinburgh, Stuttgart.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft: ATR42, ATR72, AirbusA319, AirbusA320, AirbusA330-300.

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my name is Lawrence j marino.czech airlines lost my baggage for 4 days.file ref.prgkl18002 ihad to purchase some clothing to carry me over.i spent 55 euros.please tell me how to recover my loss thank you.

Hi! I need to book a flight to Prague but im doing a triathlon so need to take my bike! What price is luggage checked and sports equipment, a bike box?

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good afternoon
Tell me please. 16 October flew flight OK887 unfortunately the hotel lost documents and boarding pass. Planting needs to report on a business trip. Can confirm that I was flying in your company name, it 16 October flight was OK887yu What do I need to provide? Thank you

Changed from Milan departure 03.08.16 from 19: 50 floor in the morning of the day, ie before. No notice was not about that. What should I do? I'm sitting in the airport of Milan. Should I provide a new ticket and place in a hotel?

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