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What will happen to the world of aviation?

What will happen to the world of aviation?


Technology, in the modern world, developed by leaps and bounds. Almost all industries, the sphere of human life, get new developments changing the way of life. Maybe someone and calculate the possible detrimental effects on society of technological achievement, but it is very few people interested, and especially not advertised researchers and sociologists.

Airplanes, military and civilian, and the copter helicopters of all kinds, blimps, drones and other aircraft, what awaits us in the future? How, where and on what we are going to fly through 50 years and over 100 ...?

We cannot get rid of real insects, what if the world is overrun by robotic insects? Spies, doctors, technicians, cleaners, nano - and micro - robots of all stripes and professions. With their brains, with their own program, self-learning, self-organizing…. What then?

Leading design engineers Aviation Consortium, now believe that the scheme of modern aircraft "fuselage-wing-keel", came to its critical point. That is to further improve the design has no place.

Offer aircraft with the fuselage in the form of a disc, of course, nothing new under the sun. And perhaps soon, we will be flying at hypersonic diskoletah. Only now what?

Stratospheric shuttles, too, is not a new idea, remember, at least ours, the domestic "bast" was successfully flown in the early 60-ies.

f-22 raptor

F-22 Raptor

The impression is that engineering thought in the field of long-term development of aviation, at an impasse.

Engines, too exhausted their resource efficiency should not be lifted forever, we need new, breakthrough technologies. Radical change and the type of propulsion and fuel type. Yes, of course there are promising developments, but the old stubbornly refuses to surrender their positions. Where to go close aviakontserna? Who turn their billions of dollars of orders and future orders for the next few decades.

The efficiency of modern engines was not so high, but it has come to its logical limit. We need a new, totally different type of propulsion. A different kind of energy conversion. Simple, affordable, economically cheap.

There are aircraft design with screen covers the top of the fuselage. That is simply screens that broadcast online outboard picture on the "roof" of the cabin. But, again, this is not a breakthrough.

Aircraft companies struggling to 4% fuel savings by installing winglets and sharkletov. Yes, with this traffic volume is really saving much, but it's all wrong.

In military aviation, too, everything is not easy.

Start with semi-abstract notion of "generation." Generation military aircraft called aircraft released about the same time and have similar characteristics and TTD.

For airplanes 4-generation, as a rule, include MiG-29, Su-27, F-15, F-16. From aircraft 5-generation, the most "ready", says US F-22 Raptor.



So, among the features inherent in the fifth-generation fighters, note the following: low visibility in the radar and infrared ranges, the placement of weapons in the interior volumes of the airframe, super maneuverability on subsonic modes and high maneuverability on supersonic, supersonic cruising speed on the non-skid mode of engines, multifunctionality (ie high Combat effectiveness in the defeat of air, ground and surface targets), the availability of a circular information system, the ability to carry out the all- Shooting targets in close-range air combat, as well as to conduct multi-channel missile firing during long-range combat.

"Look. Delovaya Gazeta "

Our PAK-FA (T-50) still under whether acceptance, whether the tests. The series such as the launch in 2016 year. And already think in terms of aircraft 6 generation.

With someone's light hand, came into use the concept - Generation 4 +, 4 ++, 4 +++. It is not clear notation need likely to enhance the prestige of the markets modifications of Su-27. Which, incidentally, is also not clear why, getting new numerals, in fact, being a modification of the basic model.

In the development of the aircraft 6 generation happy one, the pilot is not going to give up.

The situation with military drones, more or less clear in the future. It seems that all the UAV from the size of a fly and ending drones the size of a conventional aircraft will continue to arm the appropriate ammunition.

 For the "fly" it can be a dose of poison, for the "adult" fellow in the wing-mini nuclear bomb.

"Flock", "swarms", and other associations of intelligent flying robots already quite real. And no matter what task they will decide whether to conduct reconnaissance in the forest fire area, or killing unwanted leader of the state \ party. They will be autonomous. And reasonable.

No wonder engineers are now intensively discussed the three rules of robotics, science fiction invented long ago by Isaac Asimov. Discussed and revised, as not quite meet the realities of today. And modern science fiction is no longer write about the development of technology, they just do not have time to progress.

In the month of August, will be the next interior MAKS-2015. We will try to find and tell you about the "bell" of the future, if we see them there.

Good flights to all.

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Thank you for real informatsiyu.Ya patriot.Nadeyus that in the near future, the situation will change for our country luchshemu.I again take its rightful place in the aviation industry.