What if I missed the plane?
What if I missed the plane?

What if I missed the plane, the flight? 



If you have to air travel, you should always remember about punctuality, as check-in usually ends 30-40 minutes before the expected take-off and on all international flights 1 for an hour before departure. However, if the unexpected has happened - you got stuck in traffic, sick, asleep, just not calculated and spent a lot of time to get ready, and as a result missed the flight, then what do you do? No one is immune from such circumstances and it is important to know how to proceed in such a case.

Some general information

If you have never flown, it is useful to you the basic information that is check-in, boarding a plane and the whole procedure at the airport.

It is important to clearly understand that you can be late for the flight in two cases: time has not come to the front desk or at the very late planting after registration.

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The initial stage of preparation for flight passengers - check-in. When registering check your tickets and documents, take the luggage and issue your boarding card at hand. After registration you will need to pass mandatory controls security and passport control procedures in the case of an international flight. Then you get into the relegation zone (a holding). It was only when landing on your flight to be announced, you can go on board the aircraft.

What if the plane had already departed

What should I do if you have arrived at the airport and the plane has already taken off? In this case, you need to contact the representative of your company. It will help in choosing the most suitable flight for you on favorable terms. Moreover, you can exchange or hand over an unused ticket and get compensation - about 75% of its value, or even more. If you can not show any good reasons for being late for a flight, airline representatives can completely refuse to compensate you. In addition, there are the cheapest tariffs (Internet tariffs or promo tariffs) that automatically prohibit compensation for late or refund of the ticket. Having been late for an airplane at such a tariff, the only solution is to buy a new ticket for the next flight.

Much more rights owners have tickets in first class or business class. Such passengers will be put on the next flight or perebroniruyut absolutely free ticket to another convenient date, without taking any money. But it depends on the airline policy, all the conditions specified in the ticket tariff.

To receive payment in full it is possible only on fault of the airline if it recognizes that the plane has departed without you (the compulsory refund of the air ticket). The reason for such circumstances are flight delays, inconsistencies during transplants on transit flights, changes in schedules, cancellation of flights due to weather conditions. Also, you can expect to return the full cost when replacing the type of aircraft and if it is impossible to service you according to the declared business class ticket. A refund can be claimed if the delay was due to a long inspection or mistakes made during the issuance of the ticket.

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As for the passenger's non-departure due to a visa that has not been received, it may prove to be controversial and does not give any guarantees for the return of the cost paid for the ticket. But anyway, you need to take a certificate from the embassy about the refusal to issue a visa. In case of illness of the passenger flying with you, the airline should provide preferential registration for the next flight for the same class of service. In the event that you become ill, then you will not get any special privileges with monetary compensation. Relatives or friends, having addressed in the company of the air carrier for monetary indemnification instead of the fallen sick passenger, should show the power of attorney on actions.

Remember, if you go to a country to enter into which a visa is required, and thus there is no way to obtain it upon arrival at the airport, the airline is entitled to deny you boarding as international rules it will have to bring you back at your own expense. In this case, the question of the return value is also quite controversial: it's your fault that did not get a visa in advance, rather than the airline.

Do not forget to read the conditions for the conservation of booking if bought tickets Class "round - trip" or a flight with a transfer. In some cases, the airline reservation is automatically removed from the return flight if a passenger does not come in time for the flight of the first flight or the flight on which the transplant. Therefore it is always necessary to carefully study the conditions and rates of departures.

What to do if you missed the reception, but the plane still did not take off

If by the time you got to the airport, the aircraft has not yet risen to the sky and to the relegation left more than 25 minutes - you can catch your flight. Most airports have for that individual reception for latecomers. However, the procedure of registration fee for the delay have to pay a certain amount (usually up to 2 thousand. Rubles). If the passenger bought a ticket to business class, it can not pay the cost of this procedure.

In certain airports like strut absent and in this case must be found as soon as the airline representative. As a rule, they are located next to the conventional check-in desks and take passengers up to the take-off of aircraft.

Carry a passenger on board the aircraft may only representative of the airline. But count on such luck, if before departure is only a few minutes, hardly worth it. Each flight has a procedure for pre-flight preparation, which begins immediately after the boarding. As a result, delay planting for a late, turn into a serious delay departure for a few hours, which will cause further serious losses. The representative of the company is unlikely to be able to assume the risk of such penalties.

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We should not forget that for international flights at the end of the registration procedure necessary to pass customs and passport control, where they often accumulate a large queue. Therefore, even if you sign up for a flight, the chance of getting stuck in the queue for control of late and is still there (unless the representative of airline passengers will jump the queue).

Now, many airlines and airports offer the possibility of online check-in. But this does not mean that you can get to the airport in five minutes before the expected departure. Even if you have gone through online registration, you have to drop off your luggage and get into the relegation zone. Therefore, on arrival at the airport an hour before departure even passed online-registration will have to just visit the reception intended for late passengers.

What to do if you have been registered, but missed the landing

Depending on the method of embarkation (on foot, by bus or via a ladder) and the type of aircraft landing time may be terminated for 15-20 minutes before departure. This is indicated in the boarding pass. Most passengers are late by this time, carried away by shopping at dyuti stock due to delays at the security check, passport or customs control. While you can just wake in the relegation zone. Generally, passengers who have been registered and did not have time to land, representatives of the airport cause on speakerphone, but the flight due to delay them no one will.

The likelihood that you will be put on the plane after the landing is closed, is small, since postponing the departure even for a few minutes often leads to many hours late. But anyway, it is necessary to find the representative of the airline as soon as possible, and if he will meet you, then it is possible that you will have time to go on board in an exceptional order. But often latecomers simply refuse. In such a situation it will be considered that you are late for the plane, a fine will be withheld from the return of the ticket price or you will be completely denied the amount paid for the ticket (depending on the tariff).

From all of the above, we can conclude: to avoid difficulties with finding new flights, save nerves and not spoil vacation, it is better to arrive at the airports in advance, at least half an hour before the flight. 

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