What can you take with you on the plane?
What can you take with you on the plane?

What can you take with you on the plane? 


Passengers making regular air travel, sometimes quite often wonder about that you can take with you on the plane. Indeed, despite the fact that the items in hand luggage not much to place, there are a number of restrictions on their carriage, so do not be surprised if you are not acquainted with these rules will be temporarily detained while passing further landing the plane.



Of course, far from all of the things listed do not succeed, but, nevertheless, should probably start with that, that you can take with you on the plane.

  1. Of course, no one forbids you to take with you as hand luggage money and documents, with is connected with a fairly simple explanation - the luggage can be lost, as a result, the passenger will not be able either to enter the territory of another country (if it is conducted on international air travel), or go back.
  2. Not forbidden to take into the aircraft portable electronics, such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet, media player, etc. Here, however, there is one very important caveat - he took them with him as hand luggage, you have to perform certain rules, such as the request to switch off your device, you must do this in order to ensure total security.
  3. To feel comfortable, you can take along extra clothing such as a jacket, an easy shoes, etc.
  4. If necessary, the passenger can also easily carry with hand luggage and print media: newspapers, magazines, books, etc., but even here there is a reservation - all these things should not be the state of material and moral values, that is, you do not can bring on board a vintage book, it is not registered in advance.
  5. If you make a flight is with a child, you are allowed to carry with them on board baby food and hygiene items.

However, in addition, that you can take with you on the plane, There are several that take as carry-on baggage is prohibited.

  1. The aircraft is prohibited from carrying any flammable substances, including being part of a component of any other items, such as lighters.
  2. Not allowed to carry fluid under high pressure, in particular, it relates to deodorant, shaving foam, etc.
  3. The hand luggage is also forbidden to carry any animals, including cats, dogs, etc. In that case, if you are on a number of any reason you can not leave your pet, you need to advance notify the carrier and your pet will be placed in the luggage compartment.
  4. On board the aircraft as carry-on baggage is prohibited to carry food and canned food in sealed and vacuum-packed.
  5. Do not transport liquid volume of more than 100 ml., However, the ban is not valid at all the airports, and therefore pre-specify whether you can carry water, etc. The main question in this respect is how much you can take on the plane liquid, and specifically what you carry, the service of the airport is of little concern, except in the case that the taking of liquids is prohibited.
  6. Of course, to be transported on board an aircraft is prohibited to transport any sharps, in particular, this applies to knives, scissors (including manicure), etc.

Now, thanks to the information provided, you know, that you can take with you on the planeAnd what better to leave with his main luggage, then to not look ridiculous with a puzzled face to service the airport.


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